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The Sims 4 April Update 2023: Every Cool New Feature in Your Game!


Check out all the new content that just dropped for The Sims 4 base game today!

The Sims 4 April update 2023 brings plenty of bug fixes as well as some new CAS parts and much needed quality of life tweaks. These new additions to the game are free and available for all The Sims 4 players to download right now! Just open the EA App or Origin and update your game to get access to all the latest base game content.

We’re going to cover what’s new in the April 2023 content update for The Sims 4 so you don’t miss anything!

Sims 4 April Update 2023 Content Overview

Today’s Sims 4 April update 2023 brings players some new masculine and feminine underwear in CAS, a new song on the Pop radio station, and the ability to place small and medium clutter objects in places we couldn’t before, such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and some décor surfaces.

CAS Underwear

Feminine and masculine Sims each get one new set of underwear available in CAS. Like most other clothing in the game, players can change the tags to make both sets wearable for all Sims regardless of their gender settings. The feminine underwear comes in 9 solid swatches. The masculine underwear comes in 5 solid swatches.

You can check out the new underwear below! You’ll find them in the Sleep category in CAS but as always, players are free to change the tags to make them available in any outfit category.

Bathroom Clutter Slots

Players have been using build cheats and mods to place clutter objects on bathtub rims, on the side of sinks, and on toilet tanks for years but we won’t have to do that anymore after this Sims 4 April update 2023! Toilets, bathtubs, and sinks now have small (and in some cases, medium) clutter slots on them for players to place all their bathroom clutter! There are also some slots on the top of certain bathroom décor items, like the stand-up shelves and the wall mounted towel shelf and bathroom medicine cabinet.

Bathroom Stand Clutter

Sinks and toilets can have two small clutter items placed on top of them. In some cases, toilets can have up to three small clutter objects placed on them. It depends on the size of the water tank. Toilets without a water tank do not have slots available on them, as there is no surface to put them on.

Most bathtubs with a wide enough rim have 4 small clutter slots; 1 at each corner of the tub. Some bathtubs with narrow, rounded rims have no object slots, such as some of the Victorian-style claw foot tubs. Other tubs may only have 2 slots depending on the available space on the rim.

In addition to new clutter slots added to the top of them, the medicine cabinet and wall-mounted towel shelves also have a couple new swatches.

Sims Sessions with Becca

This Sims 4 April update 2023 adds a new song to the game. The song Blessed by Australian singer Becca Hatch is now available to listen to in the game in Simlish. Players can find this song on the Pop radio station.

Sims 4 April Update 2023

If you don’t want to flick through each song on the Pop station, hoping to stumble across the new song, you can always go to the Music Tab in the Game Options and play it directly from the menu there.

Bug Fixes

On top of all the new content and quality of life tweaks, this Sims 4 April update 2023 also comes with a bunch of bug fixes. Most of the bug fixes focus on preventing infants from stretching. Many players will also be relieved that the game now remembers which foods their infant has tried.

For a full breakdown of all the bug fixes that came with the Sims 4 April update 2023, check out the patch notes here!

What’s your favourite part of today’s update? Tell us in the comments!

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