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The Sims 4 Kits: Full Greenhouse Haven Overview


Give your green-thumbed Sims the Greenhouse of their dreams!

The Sims 4 Kits are small pieces of content that The Sims Team release periodically throughout the year. Since their release we’ve seen a wide variety of themes covered and Greenhouse Haven is one of two brand-new Kits released this April. We also know that both The Sims 4 Kit and the Basement Treasures Kit are just two of four we are to see between now and June!

Greenhouse Haven focuses on opening up more ways for our green-thumbed Sims to enjoy their outdoor spaces. With a variety of new Build and Buy mode objects to choose from, there will be no stopping our Sims from wanting to spend more time tending to their plants and those that are harvestable!

You’ll find that the new objects come in a variety of neutral-toned swatches, with the odd pop of colour here and there. Most objects have between 4–12 swatches to choose from, too.

Let’s take a closer look at Greenhouse Haven Kit! This Sims 4 Kit comes with over twenty-five new Build/Buy items and one new styled room. You can check out all the swatches and catalogue entries below!

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Every Object in The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven Kit

Let’s start by taking a look at all the new objects and their catalogue entries!

Build & Buy Mode

Styled Room

All the new objects that are included in The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven Kit

Swatch Selections

First up are all the swatches from the new objects that you can find in Buy Mode!

Next up are the swatches from the new Build Mode objects!

And lastly, the swatches from the newly styled room.

The Sims 4 Kits: Greenhouse Haven Styled Room

All the new objects and their swatches with The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven Kit

Our Review of The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven Kit

The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven offers players over twenty brand-new objects to expand and improve on their Sims gardening dreams!

When the new roadmap was first teased, like many, we were unsure what The Sims Team had planned when told us to get ready to reclaim our spaces at home. While being somewhat puzzled yet intrigued by what this meant, we started to think about the possible themes of these new The Sims 4 Kits. While we didn’t have to wait long for the first two to be revealed, we think it is safe to say we were pleasantly surprised at the teased images for Greenhouse Haven.

Now that the Kit has been released and we’ve had a chance to explore the new additions, the overall first impressions were promising. From the variety of smaller, more decorative objects to the new mesh windows and doors, it truly has inspired us to get into our Sims gardens and build them their own Greenhouse Haven!

From exploring the Kit ourselves over the past few hours since its release, we found ourselves gravitating towards the smaller decorative plant pots and saplings when experimenting with building ideas. Even the gardening tools added another level of depth to some of the small builds we played around with.

The addition of the meshed windows and doors is a nice touch and again helps create a number of different greenhouse styles. The new brick flooring option is also wonderfully detailed and we can see ourselves using it in a number of upcoming builds. All the new build objects would work well if you were wanting to add a sunroom or porch to the home of your Sims instead of a greenhouse. It definitely got us thinking about how these objects would integrate with objects from other packs! Two that stood out to us were how it would pair up with the Blooming Rooms Kit and even the Seasons Expansion Pack!

Overall, The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven is a lovely Kit to have within your collection. Whether you are a builder or a storyteller, it does open up a number of possibilities. Would we say it is a must-have Kit? It’s hard to say because we all play differently, however, we feel it is a Kit to consider if you are looking to add one or two new Kits to your collection!

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