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The Sims 4 Custom Content: Living Room for a Cozy Family Overview

sims 4 living room cc pack

Create the ultimate cozy living room for your Sims (and Pets)!

Are you looking for some new content for your game? Specifically, some The Sims 4 Living Room CC? Well, we have just the thing!

Custom Content creator SixamCC has teamed up and collaborated with the one and only OshinSims to bring you the Living Room for a Cozy Family CC Pack!

Sims 4 Living Room CC: Sixam x OshinSims Set
Living Room For A Cozy Family CC PACK by SixamCC x OshinSims Pack Artwork

Full of warm colours including shades of soft grey, cream and beige, this collection comes with a variety of new objects you can use. From new sofas, coffee tables, carpets and more as well as new toys for toddlers and infants to play with, there is something for every Sim! Of course, we can’t forget our four legged friends either, they also have several new objects too!

Regardless of how your Sims plan on spending their time in their living rooms, you’ll have plenty of ways to create the ultimate space using this new collaborative custom content pack!

When you first look at this The Sims 4 Living Room CC pack from SixamCC and OshinSims, you think, how can I incorporate these objects into my game? What kind of cosy family living rooms can I create? There are a number of questions that come to mind,

What is included with this custom content collection?

  • Total items: 23 New objects!
  • Lighting: Floor Lamp
  • Comfort: 3 Arm Chairs, Love Seat and, Sectional Sofa
  • Surface: Coffee Table and TV Stand
  • Kids: 2 Stackable Functional Toys and Infant Rattle
  • Decorative: 2 Plants, Blanket Basket, Sofa Cushions, Sofa Blankets, Books (also works as a bookshelf), Rug, Paintings and, Books with Candle
  • Pets: 2 Dog Beds and Food Bowl (Requires The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs)

While this The Sims 4 Living Room CC Set is Base Game compatible, however, the Pet objects do require The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion pack.

The Sims 4 Living Room for a Cozy Family: Screen 1
An example living room space from SixamCC and OshinSims of the new custom content collaboration

We’ve compiled a gallery showcasing all the new items, including every swatch of each object that you can check out below!

Image gallery of The Sims 4 Living Room for a Cozy Family

How do I download this CC pack?

The recently released Living Room for a Cozy Family from SixamCC and OshinSims is available to download right for free from both Patreon and CurseForge!

If you are using CurseForge for your Mods and Custom Content, simply search for SixamCC or Living Room for a Cozy Family in the search bar and you’ll be able to download and install this Sims 4 Living Room CC set there!

Creator Video Walkthrough

OshinSims took to YouTube to share a walkthrough of this The Sims 4 Living Room CC collaboration with SixamCC. She goes into detail about the custom content pack and everything that comes with it!

Our Thoughts

This Sims 4 Living Room CC collaboration between SixamCC and OshinSims is the perfect addition to your collections! Not only is it beautiful in the range of objects that come with the pack, but the sheer number of swatches some of the items come in is incredible! That’s not to mention the attention to detail in each object, too! Can we take a moment to appreciate the textures on some of these objects too!

The possibilities of using this pack alongside in game content are endless and blend in seamlessly together! From a cozy living room perfect for a movie night to one that is functional for all the family regardless of the activity! What ever the concept idea for your living room is, these new objects will work wonderfully.

So, if you are looking for a new custom content pack to add to your collection that gives you the ultimate cozy feel, then this is just the thing you are looking for!

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