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YOU get to pick the next Sims 4 Kits releases!


Choose between different Themes for the next Sims 4 Kits releases and let us know your vote!

EA has announced today exciting news for all simmers out there who love The Sims 4 Kits. You get to be in charge for the theme of an upcoming Sims 4 Kit release!

That’s right! The Sims Team is players choose between different two different themes for CAS and Build. Check out what Maxis has to say about this interesting opportunity:

Sims 4 Kits announcement

Sul Sul Simmers! We want to hear from you! We’re astonished by the incredible ways you express yourselves in The Sims™ 4,  and with this vote, we’re letting you, the community, determine which themes will inspire Kits for an upcoming release.

There will only be one round of voting, so make sure to get your decisions in! We have two exciting thematic options to choose from for both Create a Sim and Build Buy Kits.

Voting will begin on May 11 at 10:00 am PST at the link here. You have until May 21 at 7:00 pm PST to cast your votes. The winning themes will appear in a future Kits release.

The choice is yours!

You can cast your vote in the official survey linked above! Now, let’s look into the Sims 4 Kit themes that you can vote for:

Sims 4 Kits Vote: CAS Theme Options

The Sims Team has presented two themes for Create A Sim Kit vote. Down below are proposed Sims 4 Kits themes for Rainbow Core Style and Goth Fashion.

Please note that images presented below are not representative of final objects in game.

Rainbow Core Style

It’s light, it’s bright, it’s rainbow core! It’s a playful aesthetic featuring nostalgic, youthful designs, and pops of color. Give your inner child a big hug and dress your Sims in a rainbow of colorful, bright, patterns. (Image not representative of final in game objects)

Sims 4 Kits Vote: Concept Art for Rainbow Core

Goth Fashion

Do you grow nauseous at the sight of a bright pink sweater? Perfect. Embrace your dark side and vote for goth fashion. Style your Sim in shades of black from head to toe. They are sure to stand out from the crowd with modern mesh and lace detail, dark dramatic makeup, and edgy accessories. 

Sims 4 Kits: Goth Fashion Concept

Proposed Sims 4 Build Kits

There are two Build Kits themes that The Sims Team are proposing in the latter part of the Kit vote. Here you can choose between Medieval or Futuristic Sims 4 Kits items. Remember, you can only pick one!

Let’s see the features:

Medieval Castle

Place your moat, I mean vote, for medieval castle if you’re looking to keep out those nosey neighbors. Build a fortress with an array of elements including brick walls, battlements and leaded glass windows set in old stone! It’s your very own castle in a kingdom far, far away. (Image not representative of final in game objects)

Sims 4 Medieval Castle Concept for Kits

High Tech Futurism

“You can have tomorrow, today!” Place your vote for high tech futurism, if you’re inspired by out of this world architecture featuring sleek metal exteriors and glowing accents that make a perfect home base for any Sims visiting from another planet.

Sims 4 Kits: High Tech Futurism

You’ll be able to pick the next two Kits for The Sims 4 from May 11th up until May 21st at 7PM PST.

Which Sims 4 Kits Themes did you vote for?

We’re interested in knowing which themes did our readers choose! Down below we have a simple Community Poll to see which options you’ve chosen!

Please note that this is *not* the official poll that determines the next Sims 4 Kits. This is just a fun voting poll to see what the community voted!

Which Sims 4 CAS Kit did you pick?

Which Sims 4 Build Kit did you pick?

Which Sims 4 Kit themes are you hoping will win the vote? Stay tuned to the latest Sims 4 Kits News to be the first to know the results!

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