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New The Sims Logo Revealed

TheSims Brandgenuity

The Sims Franchise has a new logo, and a vague new strategy to take over the world.

We’ve got a surprise reveal of a new The Sims logo today in a PR announcement from licenseglobal. The website published an announcement for a partnership between EA / The Sims and Brandgenuity, a global licensing agency.

Before we talk about the partnership, let’s take a look at the new The Sims Logo that they’ve revealed:

New The Sims Logo
New The Sims Franchise Logo

The new Sims Franchise Logo is closely similar to the Maxis logo and brand language when it comes to typography. It seems that EA and Maxis are trying to unify the brand and extend it to different markets. Still, we have more information in the press release!

The Sims x Brandgenuity

The PR statement that we’ve gotten from licenseglobal is a little vague. Besides the new The Sims logo, we have a short description of what could come in the future from this major deal.

Read the full statement below:


Brandgenuity Appointed Licensing Agent for ‘The Sims’

Brandgenuity has been appointed to develop a global licensing program for the life-simulation game franchise, “The Sims,” catering to its diverse and engaged Gen Z and millennial fanbase.

With a history spanning 23 years, “The Sims” has generated over 500 million downloads with the latest installment, “The Sims 4,” bringing more than 70 million players worldwide to the game. Furthermore, the franchise is poised for growth with “Project Rene,” a game touted as “The next generation of play,” which is currently in development.

“Simmers have eagerly asked for more – product, content, experiences, and with licensing, we’re excited to deliver to the fans, who are the heart of the brand,” says Julia Victor, head, brand, The Sims.

Brandgenuity will collaborate with “The Sims” franchise to extend the brand’s reach across various lifestyle categories, such as apparel, accessories, collaborations, collectibles, games and publishing. Its efforts will expand the brand’s online and offline presence, bringing “The Sims” universe to life in various new ways.

“‘The Sims’ is like no other interactive brand – creative, inclusive and mischievous,” says Jay Asher, partner, Brandgenuity. “We’re so excited to bring ‘The Sims’ from URL to IRL, to delight fans with the products they’ve been asking for and to deliver new ways for them to engage with and share the brand.”


It’s unclear which types of products from The Sims we’re getting just yet. Or how the creative platform and integration will turn out to be. Or if this could have any relation to The Sims 5 (Project Rene).

But we’re interested to see what gets revealed, possibly during the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas this June.

What are your thoughts on the new The Sims logo and deal? Join the conversation below and stay tuned on more The Sims News!

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