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Creating a Perfect Sims 4 Slumber Party Bedroom!

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A bedroom perfect for the Slumber Party Animal aspiration!

Sims 4 Slumber Party Bedroom

Throwing a slumber party in The Sims 4 Growing Together can be a lot of fun but sometimes, it can be hard to find space for all those sleeping bags! Building a Sims 4 slumber party bedroom becomes quite a challenge when throwing slumber parties in smaller homes. I wanted to build a child’s bedroom that was already perfectly set up to host slumber parties that I could just plop down whenever I needed it in my game. I’m sure many Simmers would like the same thing on hand whenever they need it so here’s how I built my Sims 4 slumber party bedroom!

Let’s Build a Sims 4 Slumber Party Bedroom!

Bunk Beds

As with every room build, building a Sims 4 slumber party bedroom begins with constructing a simple box. However, remember not every room has to stay a simple box shape! It’s just a good starting point to work with. I like to start with a box and then play around with the shape later as I plan out the furniture layout. For this build, I mostly kept the box shape; however, to add a bit of visual variety, I created a small nook for the bookshelf with a bunk bed slotted in neatly next to it.

A Space For Fun!

Sims 4 Slumber Party Bedroom

There’s no getting around it; if I want a bedroom big enough for multiple sleeping bags and fun activities for children to do during a slumber party, the room has to be pretty big. But if it does need to be big, why not go… really big? As in, big enough to fit a homemade projection TV on a bedsheet!

As a kid, I was not allowed to have a TV in my bedroom (probably a good thing in hindsight, but I hated this rule as a kid). Anyway, this bedsheet projector is a super cool idea for kids wanting to watch movies with their friends in their room during a slumber party when they don’t have a television in their room!

Of course, I can’t forget about the other fun stuff, like friendship bracelet kits and a dollhouse for imaginative play!

Sleeping Bags for All!

Sleeping Bags

Obviously, a Sims 4 slumber party room needs sleeping bags! The bunk bed already allows two children to sleep comfortably with a great view of the movie so I added three more child-sized sleeping bags to make a total of five kids. But maybe your kiddos have a couple of little cousins or siblings who want to be included in all the fun? No problem! There’s a couple of toddler sized sleeping bags, too, so no one misses out!

With space for 5 children and 2 toddlers to sleep and play, this bedroom is already looking like a pretty sweet place to host a slumber party. But… there’s still something missing…

Don’t Forget the Snacks!

Sims 4 Slumber Party Bedroom

Oh right! What’s a Sims 4 slumber party bedroom without snacks? How lame would it be if you attended a slumber party and the host didn’t have anything to munch on while watching movies, right? That’s why a side table filled with smores, snack boxes, and plenty of colourful mugs for hot cocoa is in order!

Yes, they’re decorative only but they really make the room feel like it’s ready for a slumber party. Plus, you can always have Mom or Dad pop some popcorn in the kitchen and take it back to this Sims 4 slumber party bedroom to enjoy some snacks during the movie for real.

Download Slumber Party Dream!

This Sims 4 slumber party bedroom is ready to be used and enjoyed by my Sims! It can be ready for your Sims, too! This bedroom uses no custom content and is available in the Gallery! Just click the download buttons below or search for SnarkyWitch in the Gallery and look for Slumber Party Dream!

Not a fan of this room in pink? No problem! It’s also available in blue, green, and yellow!

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