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The Sims 4 Challenge: Gorgeous Garden Haven Showcase

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What is your cosy vibe?

Our most recent Sims 4 Challenge required players to create a Gorgeous Garden Haven. However, instead of providing a shell this time, we gave players a set outline of features that these creations needed. As for the rest of the build, it was down to the player!

We had a variety of entries from both Twitter and our Discord server. It truly showed just how talented our community is when it comes to a good old-fashioned build challenge!

Sims 4 Challenge SC CosyVibes
A cosy reading nook within the garden

Now, there were four compulsory aspects for this build challenge. They are as followed:

  • The Build must be on a 20×15 Lot
  • A 6×4 Greenhouse Building. This must be a one-story building and can’t have a basement
  • Use of the water tool – This can be as a pond or stream, for example
  • There is an overall budget of $27,000

The rest of the Gorgeous Garden Haven build was completely up to each individual’s own interpretation.

You can read the full challenge brief here!

Before we take a look at some of the marvellous creations made for this Sims 4 Challenge, we would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to participate! We loved seeing everyone’s creations for this challenge!

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favourite entries from this Sims Community Challenge!






Are you ready to take a look at more cosy outdoor spaces for your gardening and book-loving Sims?





Lady Amaylee



Again, a huge thank you to everyone who took part in our Gorgeous Garden Haven Sims 4 Challenge!

You can find more information about this challenge, previous Sims Community Challenges, and more via the link below!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for future challenges as well as all the latest news and information from The Sims right here on Sims Community!

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