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Find all objects in The Sims 4 Book Nook Kit! (Review)

sims 4 book nook kit review

Check out everything in the Book Nook Kit and read our review!

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A cute and cosy Book Nook! – The Sims

The Sims 4 Book Nook Kit is one of two new additions to The Sims 4’s DLC collection. Book-loving Sims will adore this cute and cosy new kit and Simmers with an alternative style will be pleasantly surprised with the Grunge Revival Kit.

We will be taking you through everything that comes with the new Kit, a preview of some of the new swatches, and of course, our official review of the Kit!

The Book Nook Kit comes with 26 new Build Buy additions. With a mixture of new seating options, book decor, lamps, and the highly anticipated customizable bookshelves!

The Sims 4 Kits: Book Nook

Below, you can check out all the catalog entries and in-game swatches for the latest release to The Sims 4 Kits family. We have selected our 4 favourite swatches for each object, however, most come with between 6-12 swatches overall.


All the new objects that are included in The Sims 4 Book Nook Kit

Swatch Previews

First up are a selection of swatches from the new objects that you can find in Buy Mode!

Next up are the swatches from the one new Build Mode addition!

Sims 4 Book Nook Kit

And lastly, we have the swatches from the newly styled room.

All the new objects and their swatches with The Sims 4 Book Nook Kit

Our Review of The Sims 4 Book Nook Kit

The Sims 4 Book Nook is another excellent Kit from The Sims Team! It follows the pattern of other recent Kit releases that have been hitting the mark and exceeding Simmer’s expectations with each new release. Of course, with the price of these smaller Kits coming in at £4.99 GBP (or more depending on your location) we always hope that these more unique and one-off themes are outstanding. Of course, it is easy to say that The Sims 4 Book Nook Kit does just that!

While the Kit does expand on some similar objects we have in the Base Game and other DLC, there’s no denying that combing those and the new objects will help players create their ultimate Book Nook!

Even though many of the objects come mainly in neutral colour swatches, there are still plenty that offer that pop of colour that isn’t too overwhelming. Every item compliments each other wonderfully and we love the new wall painting and the variety of swatches that come with it!

Of course, we can’t not mention the new customizable bookshelves! Gone are the days of using standalone bookshelves and manipulating their placement to create larger book displays in our Sims homes or community lots. Creating libraries will be even easier now with The Sims 4 Book Nook Kit! With so many more options, there will be no stopping Simmers when it comes to creating the ultimate cosy reading room!

Naturally, this new book-loving Kit offers more than just creating cosy reading corners! Pair the new objects up in an office space, living room, recreation center, or even coffee shop! Book Nooks aren’t just restricted to our Sims homes, or are they? You could even choose your favourite book genre and make it a themed book nook!

With plenty of possibilities, why not create your own ultimate book nook where your Sims can spend a few hours and escape into a good book using The Sims 4 Book Nook Kit? Additionally, why not create the most creative space for our author Sims too?

That’s everything you need to know about the new The Sims 4 Book Nook Kit! You can also check out our overview and review of The Sims 4 Grunge Revival Kit here!

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