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Life by You News: Build Your Perfect Dream Home!

life by you house building

Building your unique dream home has never been easier in a life sim!

Life by You News

We’ve got more Life by You news for you! Today, we’re talking about building a home in this new life simulation game spearheaded by Rod Humble. Players have been wanting to see all the tools of Life by You’s build mode in action and the Life by You development team delivered! Their latest YouTube video goes over all the main components of building a house and we are blown away by the sheer amount of freedom and customisation these tools offer to players!

Life by You News: How to Build a House

You can check out the full video tutorial below but if you’re strapped for time and want a quick summary breakdown, read on! We’re about to go over all the important details for you right here.

Laying Out a Floor Plan

Of course, every amazing home starts out with laying out a basic floor plan. We can see how easy it is to lay out, delete, and add rooms with a simple click and drag of the mouse.

How to Build a New House 0 17 screenshot

What we’re most excited about is the ability to build walls outside of the grid! In the above image, you can clearly see the developer dragging out a room shape that does not go along the grid lines on every side. The left and right sides are somewhere in the middle of two grid tiles. This is going to be huge for building houses that are proportioned exactly the way you want them to be.

Life by You News

You can continue expanding, deleting, and adding to sections of the house as you please. You are not limited to building box-shaped rooms, either. Create dividing walls for elegant partitions just as easily as you can drag out a room.

How to Build a New House 0 31 screenshot

You can build diagonally in any direction you want as well, both on and off the grid lines. Raise the first level higher or lower to create a foundation to your desired height or leave the foundation out entirely if you prefer. It’s your house. It’s up to you!

Adding More Floors, Balconies, and Stairs

But the exciting Life by You news doesn’t stop there. Of course you won’t be restricted to only building single-story homes. That would be incredibly unrealistic and super boring. House come in all shapes and sizes and so can your Life by You homes. Add multiple floors easily by just clicking and dragging rooms the way you want them on the second level.

Life by You News

Balconies can also be created easily with their own tool and as you can see in the above image, you can create them in any shape you want at any angle that you want. Of course, this example looks extremely silly but it does allow players wanting build mode Life by You news to see the versatility of the balcony tool. Players can choose between different styles of balcony and railings as well.

How to Build a New House 3 43 screenshot

This part of the video really blew our minds. In even more surprising Life by You news, we see a staircase being added to the second floor balcony but that isn’t the astonishing part. Look at where the stairs lead. The base of the stairs go outside the boundaries of the lot and it’s perfectly okay! They can be placed like that with no errors!

And if you’re wondering why everything looks white and has no texture applied to it, you can see the colour and pattern customisation tools here too. The developer quickly and easily applies a stone texture to the staircase.

Life by You News

Staircases can be built with or without railings and have the staircase texture customised separately from the railings. Drag the staircase out to make the staircase longer or more steep. Drag them outward or inward to make them wider or narrower. This piece of Life by You news is very exciting to see because it looks like placing staircases that fit the unique shape and layout of a house is going to be easier than ever with these tools.

Put a Roof On It!

The last tool we get to see in action here is the roof tool and like everything else, it can have custom patterns and colours applied to it. Pick a style of roof, drag it out however you want, and design it to match the rest of the house perfectly.

The piece of Life by You news that has us most excited when it comes to building roofs is the freedom players have to customize not only the exact colour shade and the pattern, but also the ability to scale that pattern larger or smaller.

Scaling patterns is not limited to roofs, either. Check out a video example of this being used on walls and floors!

Obviously, the quick house example whipped up in this tutorial looks completely bizarre but it does a great job of showing off just some of what’s possible with building in Life by You. That’s right; there’s more to discover but the developers are saving more Life by You news for more videos. We’ll be ready for them!

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