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Life by You World Exploration: 3 Stunning Gardens!

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Explore the natural beauty found in Life by You’s open world!

Life by You world exploration

Life by You world exploration is something players are eager to see more of. After all, the open world of this new life simulation game is a major draw for players. The Life by You team has released another informational video showing off some of the gameplay. Specifically, they showed off a small portion of the Life by You world exploration with three beautiful community gardens along with some gardening mechanics.

Let’s get into everything we saw in the video!

Life by You World Exploration Video

You can watch the full Life by You world exploration video below on Life by You’s YouTube channel. However, if you’re short on time today and just want a handy breakdown, you’re in the right place! We’ll walk you through everything shown in the video, complete with some of the best screens!

Gardening at Home

We start out with one of Life by You’s humans in her front yard. She has a few garden plots with some planted seeds and the developer shows us how more seeds can be planted. Players will be able to place down as many garden plots as they want on their home lot and plant whatever seeds they would like in them. Lot sizes can also be edited so if your yard is too small for a big garden, you can expand the yard, too.

Lets Go Enjoy Nature 1 30 screenshot

Planted seeds need to be watered and can be fertilized, too, with higher Gardening skill. The time it takes for plants to mature depends on the type of plant it is. Some bushes and trees will take longer to grow than certain types of flowers, for example.

Humans who like nature will gain happiness while gardening and being outside interacting with nature. We see that gardening improves this human’s mood but the developer is not finished pampering her nature-loving heart just yet.

Visiting Community Spaces

Life by You world exploration

Of course, the open world is a huge selling point for Life by You and the developers wanted to show off some of what’s possible in the open world in this video. After tending the garden at home, this human takes a casual stroll over to not one, but two beautiful community gardens right on her street. As you can see in the video, there are no load screens of any kind and no delayed loading of textures, either. She easily strolls right up the street to another location seamlessly.

Lets Go Enjoy Nature 2 46 screenshot

This human then takes another trip to a third community garden that’s farther away and we can see her leaving a motorcycle at the sidewalk when she arrives. This is a nice way to show players that there are multiple methods of transportation available in Life by You, including walking and vehicles that are not just cars.

Life by You world exploration

Apart from the fact that these Life by You world exploration locations are beautiful and relaxing, we love that humans have some extra interactions with the plants, such as smelling flowers and even hugging trees! Very cute!

Other Scenic Locations

The Life by You world exploration video ends with a little montage of this human visiting various other picturesque locations in the world. We already know that pretty much the entire world and everything in it will be fully editable but this kind of tour is nice to show players that they don’t necessarily have to customize everything if they don’t want to. There is already a fully completed, beautiful world to explore if you just want to hop into the game and go!

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