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Explosive Sims 4 Lore Confirmed About Katrina Caliente

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Katrina Caliente? A clone?! Apparently, it’s true!

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We were fully expecting to have our minds blown by new Horse Ranch info during the Behind The Sims stream today. What we weren’t expecting was to have our minds blown by new Sims 4 lore that not only completely changes our perception of one of The Sims 4’s original premade Sims, but answers a big question Simmers have had since 2014.

Who the BLEEP is Katrina Caliente?!

The Sims 4 Lore: Katrina Caliente

People who became Simmers in the age of The Sims 4 might be scratching their heads. What do we mean, who is Katrina Caliente? She’s Nina and Dina’s mom! D’uh!

But is she, though? If you’re not familiar with the long history of the Caliente twins, allow us to give you a quick refresher!

Caliente Family History


Nina and Dina Caliente made their first appearance in The Sims 2 base game. They lived in Pleasantview and had a whole slew of drama surrounding them, including Dina being the widow of Bella Goth’s older brother, Michael Bachelor, and romances with both Don Lothario and the elderly Mortimer Goth. They were also rumoured to have been involved in Bella Goth’s disappearance somehow.

They also had quite the interesting family tree. They were the twin daughters of Nighat and Flamenco Caliente. Their grandfather? An alien called Pollination Technician 7! In The Sims 2, Pollination Technicians are responsible for abducting male human Sims and returning them to earth pregnant with alien offspring. The twins’ father is the result of one of these abductions, making Nina and Dina Caliente part alien.

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From The Sims Wiki. Image captured from Behind The Sims, Episode 2.

But if the twins’ parents are Nighat and Flamenco Caliente, where the heck did Katrina come from? This is some Sims 4 lore that players have been trying to figure out for a long time. In The Sims 2, Nighat is already deceased at the start of the game. The twins’ memories show that Nighat died when they were children.

Granted, The Sims 4 is an alternate universe; however, most of the other premade Sims have Sims 4 lore that is, at least in part, a continuation of their past selves. So where did Nighat go and how does Katrina fit in? We finally have the answer!

A New Mother for Nina and Dina

Mersea revealed during the Behind The Sims stream today that Katrina could in fact, be a clone of dearly departed Nighat! On the surface, it sounds too far fetched to be true but the more you think about the facts, the more it begins to make sense.


So what do we know for sure about the Sims 4 lore of the Calientes?

  1. Nina and Dina’s birth mother in The Sims 2 was Nighat Caliente.
  2. Nighat Caliente died when her daughters were children.
  3. Katrina Caliente also appears to be their mother in The Sims 4, confirmed by the family tree and the fact that they share the same genetics.
  4. Nina and Dina are part alien on their father’s side of the family.
  5. Sim cloning does exist in the world of The Sims.

So if Nighat Caliente died when Nina and Dina were just kids, perhaps they grew up longing for a mother figure they didn’t get to have for very long. Maybe they feel like they missed out on a lot growing up because they didn’t have their mom. And maybe they envisioned their mother to be this perfect, cool, hip matriarch who was more like their best friend than their mom.

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It is entirely plausible that Nina and Dina have access to cloning technology due to their alien ancestry. Given their alien lineage, their original mother’s death, and Katrina’s eerie resemblance to her so-called daughters, they could very well have created a clone of their deceased mother, Nighat, and given her a new name to avoid suspicion.

And, according to The Sims Team themselves in today’s stream, it’s not only plausible, but probable! The Sims Team rarely ever gets so close to confirming Sims 4 lore, especially when it comes to these years-long mysteries that keep fans guessing. So we feel pretty confident in considering this piece of news to be official confirmation.

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So there you have it! The Sims 4 lore is settled once and for all! Katrina Caliente is a clone of Nighat Caliente!

Can’t get enough Sims 4 lore? Rewatch the stream yourself, and check out our Complete History of Moonwood Mill!

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