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Create Colorful Custom-Made Beds from Sims 4 Horse Ranch Items Only

Sims 4 Build Hack Horse Ranch Custom Beds

Who says we can’t have more bed swatches with just The Sims 4 Horse Ranch?

We’ve made pull-out beds and round beds without any mods or custom content in the Sims 4. So let’s experiment with the new items from Horse Ranch to create even more custom-made beds! Find it all out in this Sims 4 Build Hack Tutorial.

Just to be sure, turn on bb.moveobjects for all of these build hacks to work.

custom-made beds

Geometric Headboard

The new pack came with this gorgeous wall decor with quite a lot of swatches which is perfect for a headboard.

Start by placing a 2 single beds of the same swatch either with a short headboard or without any headboards at all. You can press Shift+F5 for a more precise quarter tile placement. Then simply place the wall decor behind the two beds.

Hold Alt to move the beds closer to each other and to hide their original headboards. Make sure to close off the gap between the beds.

Look at all these custom-made beds to choose from! You can mix and match the beddings with the headboard. Bonus tip: try to match the bed’s wooden side rail with the wall decor’s wooden swatch.

Pillow Option

What’s even better than just a bed? More pillows! And you can find them with this wooden bench.

Do the same technique as above by scooching two single beds with the same swatch together. Then, place the wooden bench with a similar wood swatch with the beds’ side rail.

Use Shift+F5 or hold Alt to adjust the beds to hide their small headboards. Get them closer to each other and remove the gap in between to imitate a double bed.

It’s that simple! Custom-made beds with fluffy pillows is always a cozy option. Try out different styles with this bench-bed combo:

Wooden Bedpost

The new wooden shutters are everything that a Sims builder could dream of – the swatches, the style, plus it just completes the outside of every build! Now let’s use it in the interior of your bedroom.

Start by placing a bed with a low headboard or without a headboard at all.

Now you need to toggle Shift+F5 for in-between tile placement. Grab the right shutter and add 2 of them to the right of the bed. Do the same with the left shutter but on the left side of the bed.

Hold Alt and push back the bed to the shutters to hide its headboard.

Headboard Placement

You’re done! These custom-made beds would be a great solution whenever their beddings are perfect but their headboard don’t match the vibe of your room.

Sims 4 Build Hack: Comfy Cushion Singles

Now if you wanna spice up your single beds, we’ll be using this plushy armchair that comes in various colors and patterns.

It’s as easy as just placing it behind your bed. Just use Alt placement if you need to adjust the bed.

Custom-made beds like these can be done with any armchair. It’s just so convenient that this chair from Horse Ranch matches the bed swatches too!

Basically, you can intersect any object with a bed to jazz it up. Just make sure you don’t add any object near or on the middle of the bed to make it functional!

Video Tutorial

If you want to see how to create custom-made beds so you can do it yourself, enjoy this quick and easy tutorial:

What do you think about this Sims 4 Build Hack? Let us know in the comments below!

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