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The Sims 4 Patch Brings Useful New Features to the Game!

The Sims 4 Patch Features

Everything new (and returning) to The Sims 4 in today’s update!

Sims 4 update September 2023

A new Sims 4 patch is here and with it comes some new and returning features to the game! Players booting up their games for the first time after updating today might not notice anything different at first, but there are actually some incredibly useful organization tools available in Build/Buy now, along with lots of new and improved Gallery features that have been re-introduced, which should make creators very happy indeed!

Sims 4 Update September 2023

The Sims 4 patch added new ways to sort through the rapidly growing kit collection in Build/Buy. This game patch also brought back some beloved and much-missed Gallery features with many improvements to their functionality. Check out what’s new!

Filter by Kit in Build/Buy and CAS

2023 09 05 17 17 29 801 ellanora by ellcrze

When kits were first introduced to the game, they were all lumped under one broad filter in Build/Buy, called Kits. This was fine at first, since we didn’t have very many kits for The Sims 4, yet. However, when the Poolside Splash and Modern Luxe kits launch later this week, The Sims 4 will have a total of 25 kits, with more planned for release in the coming year. This has caused that broad Kits filter to become bloated and cluttered, defeating the purpose of having a filter at all.

2023 09 05 17 18 24 924 ellanora by ellcrze

Builders and CAS enthusiasts who were frustrated with this broad, cluttered Kits filter will be happy to know that they can now filter for individual kits in Build/Buy and CAS, the same way they can filter for stuff packs, game packs, and expansions.

The Gallery was gutted several updates ago due to stability issues. At the time, The Sims Team promised that the Gallery would eventually receive all of its original features plus more again once they had cleaned up said features. It looks like they are beginning to deliver on that promise starting with today’s Sims 4 update!

Sims 4 update September 2023

Trending hashtags are available in the Gallery once again and downloads and favourites should display properly instead of always displaying 1.

The search function in the Gallery has also been improved and players should have no problems finding what they searched for anymore. In addition to that, the search function has returned to an and system instead of an or system. Basically what this means is that when you search for multiple words, the Gallery will show you things that contain both words rather than either one word or another that you searched for. So if you search “cats dogs” in the Gallery, you will find things with both “cats” and “dogs” in the name instead of just “cats” or “dogs.”

The Gallery will also search for words that are similar to what you searched for now. For example, searching the word “cat” will bring up results with both “cat” and “cats.”

Sims 4 update September 2023

For player who enjoyed browsing the Gallery while not in the game, commenting on Gallery uploads via web browser has also been re-enabled.

Gone are the days of frequent, frustrating Gallery maintenance periods! The Sims Team made some backend improvements that will allow them to deliver timely updates to the Gallery without disrupting Gallery services for players!

Some other general bug fixes regarding the Gallery include no longer seeing duplicate Gallery uploads, no longer not being able to view an upload after reporting a comment on it, fixing the Hide Reported Content setting in the game options, and favourited Gallery items being reflected properly.

Bug Fixes

Kit filters and Gallery improvements aren’t the only changes made in today’s Sims 4 update. This patch also brings handful of bug fixes for both the base game and packs/kits. For a full breakdown of all the bug fixes, check out the patch notes!

If today’s update has inspired you to build, why not check out how you can build a pool for infants and toddlers in The Sims 4?

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