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The Sims 4 Avatar Challenge: Overview and Rules

sims 4 avatar challenge

Water, Earth, Fire & Air!

Are you a fan of Avatar the Last Airbender or just looking for a new legacy challenge to do? Well, we have just the thing for you!

Created by KimbaSprite, this Sims 4 Avatar Challenge takes inspiration from the highly popular Avatar the Last Airbender as well as some memorable characters, events and locations from Avatar. Play through four to thirteen generations of this legacy challenge. The great thing about this challenge is there is plenty of leeway to make it fit your own play style.

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge
The Sims 4 Avatar Legacy Challenge by KimbaSprite

Are you ready to experience Avatar The Last Airbender in a way you haven’t done before? Keep reading to find out more about this Sims 4 Avatar Challenge!

The Sims 4 Avatar Challenge Overview

The Avatar Legacy Challenge for The Sims 4 not only is inspired by the hugely popular television show but also aims to get players exploring a variety of features in The Sims 4. Additionally, this Sims 4 Avatar Challenge was also inspired by the Not So Berry Challenge.

The great thing about KimbaSprite’s Avatar Legacy Challenge is that you can play either four generations or go through all thirteen. The choice is really up to you!

So, are you ready to get started?

The Challenge Rules

While each individual generation comes with its own rules, there are a few basic rules for this Sims 4 Avatar Challenge to keep in mind!

Let’s have a closer look at the challenge rules from KimbaSprite!

  • The purpose of this challenge is to complete the Avatar cycle by playing with 4 generations of the same family, but you may play up to 12 generations + 1 bonus gen with the current outline!
  • Each heir should represent their element or location by colour scheme/style. You can base this on the show or your personal likes/dislikes.
  • You can live in any Sims world unless otherwise specified in the rules of a generation.
  • You can have as many children as you’d like, unless otherwise specified in the rules of a generation.
  • Every generation is required to complete both the career and aspiration of the heir, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • Every generation is required to max out at least 4 skills to represent the 4 elements in the cycle.
  • If you decide to play this challenge, I’d love to see it! Use the tag #avatarlegacy in your posts to share!

Avatar Legacy Challenge: Book One

Like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar must begin anew.

The first book of this Sims 4 Avatar Challenge covers generations one through four. You will also need The Sims 4 Island Living, Seasons and Get to Work Expansion Packs as well as the Tiny Living Stuff Pack.

Generation One: Water – Southern Water Tribe

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

Just like water, you’re used to going with the flow. You’ve arrived in a new neighbourhood with a mere one Simoleon to your name. You’ll need to have your wits about you as you start a new life and consider making your own customs along the way.

  • Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
  • Traits: Creative, Self Assured, Glutton
  • Career: Entertainer, Comedian
  • Colour Theme: Blue, White and Purple


  • Live near the water
  • Master the Comedian branch of the Entertainer career
  • Complete the Freelance Botanist aspiration
  • Max the Comedy skill and three other skills
  • Have at least two children

Bonus Challenge

  • Play with the “Simple Living” lot challenge

Generation Two: Earth – Omashu

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

Strong and diverse, that is exactly what Earth is. When growing up, you were in constant competition with your sibling. Despite that, you are someone with brains and brawn. Why choose both? Either way, you just want to be stronger than your sibling!

  • Aspiration: Bodybuilder
  • Traits: Genius, Active & Jealous
  • Career: Detective
  • Colour Theme: Green, Yellow and Brown


  • Be “Best Friends” with your sibling and become partners in crime
  • Master the Detective career
  • Complete the Bodybuilder aspiration
  • Max the Fitness skill and three other skills
  • Have two children with different partners

Bonus Challenge

  • Live to meet your great-grandchild

Generation Three: Fire – Capitol City

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

Sent away to live with your Aunt/Uncle through your teen years has you feeling like the black sheep of the family. Despite it feeling like a punishment, you take the opportunity to use it as a time to grow and become the best you can be.

  • Aspiration: Friend of the World
  • Traits: Bookworm, Good and Hot-Headed
  • Career: Politician
  • Colour Theme: Red, Gold, Black


  • Have a negative relationship with your one sibling
  • Move in with your Aunt/Uncle after the Earth Generation is complete
  • Master the Politician career
  • Complete the Friend of the World aspiration
  • Max the Charisma skill and three other skills
  • Have only one child

Bonus Challenge

  • Become friends with a child with the Gloomy trait. Fall in love and marry them as an adult

Generation Four: Air – Southern

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

Step out from the shadow of your parents and live your life the way you want to. Feel the freedom just like the air does and get out there and explore the world, nature and life!

  • Aspiration: The Curator
  • Traits: Clumsy, Dance Machine and Vegetarian
  • Career: Conservationist
  • Colour Theme: Yellow, Orange, Light Blue


  • Live in four worlds throughout your life
  • Live in a tiny house for your entire Young Adult life
  • Master the Environmental Managers branch of the Conservationist career
  • Complete The Curator aspiration
  • Max the Logic skill and three other skills
  • Never get married

Bonus Challenge

  • Fall in love with a mermaid

Avatar Legacy Challenge: Book Two

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Avatar Cycle. This can be the end–or, a new beginning.

The second book of this Sims 4 Avatar Challenge covers generations five through eight. You will also need The Sims 4 Eco Living, Seasons, Get Famous and Cats & Dogs Expansion Packs as well as the Dream Home Decorator and Spa Day Game Packs.

Generation Five: Water – Foggy Swamp

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

They say to never judge a book by its cover, and that is true for you. Your love of animals and treating them like family, despite annoying your family from time to time. Being a child of a famous conservationist inspired you to live off the land. Why pay for something if you can get it for free and upcycle it?

  • Aspiration: Angling Ace
  • Traits: Freegan, Animal Enthusiast, Slob
  • Career: Gardener, Botanist
  • Colour Theme: Blue, Teal and Yellow


  • Always have at least one animal (pet or livestock)
  • Move out as a Young Adult and thrift your first set of furniture and appliances exclusively through dumpster divings
  • Complete the Fish Collection
  • Master, the Botanist Branch of the Gardener career
  • Complete the Angling Ace aspiration
  • Max the Gardening skill and three other skills

Bonus Challenge

  • Play with the “Off the Grid” lot challenge

Generation Six: Earth – Ba Sing Se

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

Growing up, your childhood home could be described as eclectic or a mixture of different mismatched themes. Either way, you are now a Cheerful Sim who has big big dreams! Being an expert networker, anyone who you meet will soon be befriended.

  • Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
  • Traits: Snob, Materialistic and Cheerful
  • Career: Interior Decorator
  • Colour Theme: Gold, Green and Silver


  • Achieve a Pristine Reputation
  • Marry for money (Inheritance Call, Lottery Winner, etc.)
  • Master the Interior Decorator Career
  • Complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration
  • Max the Charismas skill and three other skills
  • Have only one child

Bonus Challenge

  • Achieve the People Person Lifestyle

Generation Seven: Fire – Ember Island

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

You took to the stage as a child but are you ready to do so again? By day you are an Actor however at night, you’re hard at work on your next screenplay. It’s always non-stop for you which makes the critics both love and hate you but you don’t let that stop you!

  • Aspiration: Bestselling Author
  • Traits: Self-Absorbed, Goodball, Music Lover
  • Career: Actor
  • Colour Theme: Red, Pink and Orange


  • Play an instrument and busk at least one night a week
  • Have at least three good friends and three enemies
  • Master the Actor Career
  • Complete the Bestselling Author Aspiration
  • Max the Acting, Mischief and Comedy Skills and at least one other skill

Bonus Challenge

  • Only publish Screenplays

Generation Eight: Air – Western

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

Become the wind and prepare to take on new experiences and adventures. Either die a hero or live to see your wildest dreams become reality. Spurred on by your parent’s vanity, you find yourself seeking acceptance amongst the injustice.

  • Aspiration: Soulmate
  • Traits: Neat, Ambitious and Gloomy
  • Career: Astronaut, Space Smuggler
  • Colour Theme: Brown, Grey and Blue


  • Achieve a Bad Reputation
  • Marry a Sim in the Criminal Career
  • Master the Space Smuggler pathway of the Astronaut Career
  • Complete the Soulmate aspiration
  • Max the Fitness and Wellness skills as well as at least two other skills

Bonus Challenge

  • Build and fully upgrade a rocket and visit Sixam

Avatar Legacy Challenge: Book Three

All things come to an end…. And all things must start somewhere. Complete another cycle?

The third book of this Sims 4 Avatar Challenge covers generations nine through twelve. You will also need The Sims 4 Get Together, Get to Work, Discover University and City Living Expansion Packs as well as the Vampires and Jungle Adventure Game Packs.

Generation Nine: Water – Northern Water Tribe

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

Growing up, you were always used to the mayhem at home. While your form of freedom was chaos, you developed a special interest in Vampires and Occults from a young age. Now as a Young Adult, you’ve chosen to become a doctor to not only form better connections with others but also to feel just a little powerful.

  • Aspiration: Leader of the Pack
  • Traits: Perfectionist, Family Oriented and Loner
  • Career: Doctor
  • Colour Theme: Blue, Red and Black


  • Create a Club and maintain weekly Club Gatherings through your Young Adulthood
  • Live in a different world than the one you were raised in
  • Master the Doctor career
  • Complete the Leader of the Pack aspiration
  • Max the Master Vampire Lore skill and three other skills
  • Have at least two children – one of them being a girl

Bonus Challenge

  • Become or Marry a Vampire

Generation Ten: Earth – Kyoshi Island

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

Longing for adventure, romance and meeting new people has always been your thing. Despite your parents working long hours at the hospital, you were always making the most of that time with your own adventures. If there’s an opportunity for an adventure, you’ll take it.

  • Aspiration: Jungle Explorer
  • Traits: Adventurous, Bro and Romantic
  • Career: Secret Agent, Diamond Agent
  • Colour Theme: Green, Red and Gold


  • Must be a female and only have female friends until the end of your Teen-hood
  • Complete the Ancient Omiscan artifacts and Omiscan treasures collections
  • Marry someone with blue eyes
  • Master the Diamond Agent Branch of the Secret Agent career path
  • Complete the Jungle Explorer aspiration
  • Max the Archaeology skill and three other skills

Bonus Challenge

  • Have a secret and well-maintained garden

Generation Elven: Fire – Boiling Rock

Avatar Legacy Gen 11 1

Surrounded by art and artifacts, it’s no surprise you are an Art Lover! While liking the finer things in life, Simoleons were not always on your side, at least not legitimately. The life and soul of the party and forever hosting events, your chaotic behaviour can sometimes land you in trouble but you won’t let that stop you.

  • Aspiration: Party Animal
  • Traits: Art Lover, Kleptomaniac and Outgoing
  • Career: Criminal, Boss Branch
  • Colour Theme: Black, Red and Pink


  • Complete the City Posters Collection
  • Must get in five fights and declare five enemies over your lifetime
  • Must accept every invitation to outings with your friends and family
  • Master the Boss Career Branch of the Criminal career
  • Complete the Party Animal aspiration
  • Maz the Mischief skill and three other skills

Bonus Challenge

  • Live on a lot with the Volcanic Activity lot challenge

Generation Twelve: Air – Northern

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

Forever being the kid who responded, “Why?” you had a thirst for knowledge. Learning the ins and outs of something and making things brings you joy. Your home is a constant work in progress that would give the Winchester Mansion a run for its money! Ultimately, you just want to experience an exciting world full of amazing and funky gadgets!

  • Aspiration: Nerd Brain
  • Traits: Geek, Genius and Erratic
  • Career: Engineer, Mechanical Engineer
  • Colour Theme: Orange, Green and Gray


  • Must attend every GeekCon, even if it means missing school or work
  • Must live in the same house from Young Adult through Elder, and never remove outer walls – you can only add more.
  • Master the Mechanical Engineer Branch of the Engineer career
  • Complete the Nerd Brain aspiration
  • Max the Robotics skill and three other skills

Bonus Challenge

  • Build a Servo Bot to be your child’s caretaker

Avatar Legacy Challenge: Epilogue

All things come to an end…. And all things must start somewhere. Complete another cycle?

The final part of this Sims 4 Avatar Challenge covers generations thirteen only. You will also need The Sims 4 Eco Living and Snowy Escape Expansion Packs, as well as the Parenthood Game Pack.

Generation Thirteen: Republic City

Sims 4 Avatar Challenge

You and your family have come a long way and experienced many adventures during that time. You feel pride due to their ambition as well as seeing the desire to do better. At times, you feel that you miss out on being carefree as a child. You are aware that you’re not perfect and have your own challenges but you still give your best to proceed with your legacy and heal the world alongside your own family trauma.

  • Aspiration: Super Parent
  • Traits: Non-Commital, Proper and Family Oriented
  • Career: Civil Designer, Civic Planner
  • Colour Theme: Black, Gray and Purple


  • Volunteer once a week with your household
  • Never have a romantic relationship with labels (boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, spouse etc.)
  • Max the Wellness and Parenting skills before having any children of your own
  • Master the Civic Planner Branch of the Civil Designer career
  • Complete the Super Parent aspiration

Bonus Challenge

  • Achieve a Green Neighbourhood Eco-Footprint

That’s everything you need to know about The Sims 4 Avatar Legacy Challenge!

Does this Sims 4 Avatar Challenge sound like your next Legacy Challenge to playthrough? Then let both KimbaSprite and us know your progress in the comments section below.

A huge thank-you goes out to KimbaSprite for the creation of this The Sims 4 Avatar Legacy Challenge! Do make sure to check out more of their content here.

KimbaSprite’s Playthrough

Want to see this Sims 4 Avatar Challenge in action? You can follow KimbaSprite as they play through the challenge over on YouTube!

Looking for more challenges for The Sims 4? We’ve got you covered with our dedicated Challenge section right here.

Credit: All of the Challenge information and images used within this article are courtesy of KimbaSprite.

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