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Sims 4 Home Chef CAS Overview: A Lovely Feast for the Eyes!

sims 4 home chef hustle cas review

Dress your Sims in functional and fashionable styles designed for the kitchen!

The Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle stuff pack adds new clothing and accessories across all ages (yes, including infants)! The Sims 4 Home Chef CAS assets focus on comfort and function which makes sense considering that this is a kitchen and cooking-themed pack. Dress your Sims up in stylishly comfy styles that will make them look right at home cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Don your aprons and oven mitts and see what’s cooking with The Sims 4 Home Chef CAS catalogue!

Sims 4 Home Chef CAS Overview

Below, you’ll find previews of every item that comes in The Sims 4 Home Chef CAS catalogue. The stuff pack comes with a variety of comfortable, casual, and functional hairstyles, accessories, and clothing to help your Sims look like a pro in the kitchen. You’ll find a lot of aprons and over-the-shoulder kitchen towels. Cute and campy accessories such as pizza earrings and a whisk necklace add some fun to the catalogue. A mix of solids and funky patterns provide something for every Simmer and Sims of all ages.

You’ll notice that we’ve done our best to provide you with multiple screenshots of the same item in different swatches, as well as give you an idea of how each piece looks on masculine and feminine frames. However, rest assured that there are plenty more swatches than what’s pictured. We just focused on the more unique and interesting ones!


Adult (and older) Sims certainly were not left out of all the fun in this catalogue. There are lots and lots of bright colours, funny and cute patterns, and overall fun designs in many of the outfit options.






Full Body Outfits


Kids luckily get some new hair in this pack along with a hat, top, and full-body outfit in fun and youthful patterns that are perfect for a young budding chef.




Full Body Outfits


While toddlers unfortunately don’t get any cute new clothes, they do at least get a new hairstyle and the same adorable cupcake hat that the other ages get.




We’re always happy to see new stuff for infants. They’re still very new to The Sims 4 and therefore, they don’t have as much CAS and Build/Buy content as other age groups. It’s nice that infants also get the cute cupcake hat and an adorable onesie.


Full Body Outfits

Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle Objects Review

Home Chef Hustle CAS Review

In our opinion, The Sims 4 Home Chef CAS catalogue is very much a “love it or hate it” selection. While some players will no doubt love all the flour-dusted aprons and funky patterns for their foodie Sims, other players may find the catalogue selection to be kind of frumpy and unflattering. Let’s put it this way; we probably wouldn’t want to send our Sims out somewhere to have a good time wearing any of these outfits.

However, the outfits and accessories are very on-theme for this pack. This stuff pack is all about kitchens and cooking so a Sims 4 Home Chef CAS catalogue full of dirty aprons and loose-fitting, comfortable clothes makes a lot of sense for a pack like this. We don’t know any avid chefs in real life whose clothes are completely clean and put together when they’re working in the kitchen. In that respect, we definitely applaud the realism.

Some of our favourite pieces in this catalogue include the feminine and masculine apron tops, the long apron dress, the patterned jumpsuit, and of course, the pizza earrings which are just too cute! We’re also happy to see infants get some love in this pack.

Overall, the Sims 4 Home Chef CAS catalogue doesn’t stand out to us in the same way as the Build/Buy catalogue does but since the bread and butter of this pack is the kitchen items, we’re not too disappointed by this. The CAS catalogue still offers some nice pieces in lots of fun patterns.

Want to see what else comes with The Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle? Check out our Build/Buy Overview!

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