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Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle Makeover: From Disgusting to Yummy!

Sims 4 kitchen makeover

We turned this kitchen from yuck to yum!

The latest Stuff Pack for The Sims 4, Home Chef Hustle adds a whole host of new objects to take your Sims cooking experience to the next level! Now it’s time for a Home Chef Hustle makeover! Much like our last room makeover for the Modern Luxe Kit, we took this bare Base Game Kitchen and challenged ourselves to make our ultimate Kitchen Space. So, let’s hustle and makeover this kitchen!

We’ve got two different Sims 4Home Chef Hustle makeover styles for you, brought to you by Sims Community staff members, SnarkyWitch and Krista, respectively!

Home Chef Hustle Makeover

The Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle Makeover

Take a look at how we took this boring, dull Base Game kitchen in The Sims 4 and gave it a new lease of life in two different styles!

The Before

TS4 x64 llamabees citrus preset 2023 10 05 18 07 31
The Base Game Kitchen we will be making over

Dull, boring and not at all inspirational. Would you want to be cooking up a storm in this kitchen or having your breakthrough moment as a chef? We certainly wouldn’t want to! What harm could a dash of colour and some new appliances do after all?

Let’s get started with turning this Base Game Kitchen into the ultimate cooking space for our Sims. We paired the Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack with a few other packs to pull off the following designs.

Taste of Class

This drab, boring kitchen needed a taste of class and sophistication, in my opinion. I thought Get Together and Dine Out would be excellent packs to pair the Home Chef Hustle pack with so I used those two packs in my makeover. I’m a huge fan of the countertop appliances in Get Together and Dine Out has a lot of great kitchen clutter!

Home Chef Hustle Makeover

Ordinarily, I’m not into the super modern look but Home Chef Hustle does have some really nice counters with a waterfall edge and marbled countertops that I wanted to take advantage of. To bring a little bit of warmth and texture to what might otherwise be a very sterile, flat looking kitchen, I replaced the backsplash with wood paneling. Contrasting cream panels on the adjacent wall brighten up the space.

I also knocked out the peninsula island and replaced it with a circular island. This makes the room look bigger and gives it a sense of flow. You want to be able to walk around your kitchen with ease, not weave your way around long, cumbersome counters.

2023 10 04 13 08 47 404 ellanora by ellcrze

I turned that little nook in the wall into a coffee bar using the espresso machine and coffee grinder from Get Together! Hanging shelves above offer easy storage without making that wall look too closed in. And a chalkboard menu with vertical wood slats adds a bit of rustic charm. Again, I’m trying not to be so modern that this kitchen ends up looking cold and devoid of personality.

Home Chef Hustle Makeover

Although there’s some seating at the island, it’s not enough to accommodate a whole family so I dressed up the table area a little with a slightly taller bar height table and a large breakfast painting. A glass vase of flowers adds some texture to the space.

2023 10 04 13 11 38 746 ellanora by ellcrze

While the base game windows in this kitchen were nice for the previous style of kitchen, they looked a little outdated in a kitchen like this so I replaced it with a more modern looking window and an elegant rich brown drape curtain that’s pulled to the side enough to still allow some light to filter through.

Home Chef Hustle Makeover

The big bulky cabinets along both walls also had to go. I replaced them with Home Chef Hustle cabinets along one wall and open shelving on the other wall to bring some balance to the space. Of course, those basic appliances also got an upgrade. To finish off the new space, a circular ceiling light from Dine Out hangs over the island for a cozy yet contemporary decorative touch.

Cosy Kitchen Vibes

As soon as I saw the shell, I instantly had an idea in mind. With all the autumnal and spooky vibes at the moment, I wanted to makeover this Base Game Kitchen with that in mind. Imagine, you’re cooking your favourite cosy cookies and cakes or that heartwarming dinner in the cosiest kitchen you could imagine. Now, to turn that idea into reality in-game!

I started by completely removing everything that was in the original Kitchen. This was so that I could start experimenting with different objects and colours to find the perfect combinations. I took my time as I knew I could only use a few select packs for this Home Chef Hustle Makeover. Easier said than done I guess.

Home Chef Hustle Makeover
The start of Krista’s Home Chef Hustle Makeover.

Slowly but surely, it was starting to come together. I decided to go with Snowy Escape and Dream Home Decorator as the packs to use alongside the Base Game and Home Chef Hustle. Initially, I went with more of an all-green theme but swapped to using more neutral tones for the counters and cabinets while keeping the colour to the details within the kitchen.

Finally, the whole room came together and my interpretation of this Home Chef Hustle Makeover was complete! Honestly, I had a lot of fun too!

Home Chef Hustle Makeover
An Overview of Krista’s Cosy Kitchen Vibes Makeover

As a whole, I loved how this came together. The colours I chose worked together perfectly as did the packs I could use for this Home Chef Hustle Makeover. What surprised me was the wall covering that I chose. I wasn’t expecting the darker swatch to work so well and really bring the cosy vibe I had imagined together.

Despite the counters and wall cabinets being from two separate packs, I like how the combination worked together. The added ambient light from the wall cabinets gives it another level of cosiness too. I’d love to be able to have this kitchen myself and spend my evenings baking cookies during the Autumn weather!

TS4 x64 llamabees citrus preset 2023 10 05 20 37 31
Main Kitchen Area
Home Chef Hustle Makeover
Breakfast Bar Situated alongside the Window

I did change the window to a bigger one as I liked how it let the sunlight through and how it worked with the curtains from Dream Home Decorator. Perfect for watching the world go by while eating breakfast!

The only thing I wasn’t able to achieve was making it super Spooky due to the number of packs I could use for this Home Chef Hustle makeover. The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff would have been perfect to add that Spooky Day feel with a Trick or Treat Bowl and Pumpkin Carving happening in the kitchen. Despite the limitations, I’m sure you could easily add these changes in-game. Either way, I love how this turned out overall and can’t wait for my Sims to cook up a storm in this kitchen!

Download These Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle Makeover Rooms!

If you enjoyed either one or both of these Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle makeover styles, they’re both available in the Gallery and use no CC. Search for Taste of Class under the ID SnarkyWitch and Cosy Vibes Kitchen under the ID Leekseverywhere to grab these room makeovers! Alternatively, you can click the download buttons below to save them to your library.

And if you want to put your own spin on our drab base game room, too, search Simple Base Game Kitchen under the ID SnarkyWitch or click the download button!

Did you enjoy this Home Chef Hustle Makeover? You can find more makeovers like this in our Let’s Build category!

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