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The Sims 4 Fall Rooms: Enter a Cosy Dreamland this Fall

Sims 4 Autumn Rooms

With the autumnal weather starting to appear, what better way to welcome it than creating some The Sims 4 Fall Rooms?

There are so many ways that you can turn your rooms in your Sim’s houses into something cosy and aesthetically pleasing this fall. It could be a full room makeover or just changing out some of the decorative objects that you’ve used. Whether the change is big or small, let’s take a look at some Sims 4 Fall Room ideas!

The Sims 4 Fall Room Ideas: Time to Get Cozy!

Whether doing a room makeover or starting from scratch, here are five ideas for rooms you can create for this Fall season. These ideas could be used for any room, not just the ones we’ve used in this post.

Without further ado, let us jump in and take a look at some Sims 4 Fall Room ideas!

Reading Nook Hideaway

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Grab your favourite book, a cosy blanket and a hot drink and relax a while in a reading nook. There are so many possibilities and combinations you could create to make the perfect room. In this instance, we knew we wanted to create a smaller reading nook which still had everything your Sim needed.

Tall bookshelves line one side of the room with plenty of space to put some decorative items here and there. A large window that overlooks the outside world. Imagine sitting here with a good book with the rain trickling down the window on a gloomy afternoon! Of course, you can also add a range of plants and smaller decor items throughout the room to really bring it together!

Cosy Living Room

TS4 x64 llamabees citrus preset 2023 10 15 17 50 51

Cold Autumn nights inspired this Sims 4 Fall Room. A night of movies, video games or just relaxing listening to music or a good book. While more natural colours fill this room, the pops of orange and green as well as the plants help create a warm and cosy feel for this room.

Rustic Study Space

TS4 x64 llamabees citrus preset 2023 10 15 21 10 59

Why not give your study a makeover this fall?

Out with the old and in with a new rustic office space. Full of natural wood tones, tall bookshelves, industrial-themed furniture and the addition of a small fireplace at the back. The perfect place to work hard on an upcoming novel, hold business meetings, or become the next big streamer in San Myshuno!

Cottage Core Kitchen

Sims 4 Fall Room

Swap the sleek and modern-looking kitchen for a cottage-core-themed kitchen. This is actually a simple Sims 4 Fall Room to recreate. By using The Sims 4 Cottage Living and Country Kitchen Kit, you can create a number of different kitchens, perfect for that fall season.

Whether your Sims are carving pumpkins ready for Spooky Day, baking cookies or a Harvestfest Meal, make your cooking space cute and cosy this Fall season!

Why not cook up a storm by using The Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle and host an autumn-themed bake sale?

Fall Inspired Bedroom

TS4 x64 llamabees citrus preset 2023 10 15 20 41 32

Drift into the land of dreams in this pretty fall-inspired bedroom.

Using more natural colours alongside a green colour scheme will give you the ultimate cosy feeling at the end of a long day. Relax and take a nap under the fairy-light canopy. Alternatively, take a seat with a hot chocolate and your favourite book.

The Perfect Sims 4 Fall Room Packs

With so many different packs available at our fingertips, there are plenty of ways you can make the perfect Fall Room!

Here are some of the packs we used to create the rooms featured in this post:

  • Growing Together
  • High School Years
  • Cottage Living
  • Dream Home Decorator
  • Book Nook Kit
  • Blooming Rooms Kit
  • Industrial Loft Kit
  • Country Kitchen Kit

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into The Sims 4 and create your ultimate autumnal rooms and builds right now!

Looking for more room makeovers and Let’s Builds? We’ve got you covered right here on Sims Community!

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