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Take Your Sims to the Carnival with this Amazing Build!

Sims 4 Carneval

The Sims 4 High School Years comes with a carnival area in the new world of Copperdale. While it is a fun place to check out, it’s not located on a lot so players can’t really customize their carnival experience or edit the space to add new activities.

Want a carnival lot in your game? Download this amazing lot for your Sims to visit!

The good news is that the carnival attractions are all located in the debug build menu and retain their functionality when placed on a lot from the debug catalogue. This has led to a huge boom of amazing carnival lots being uploaded to the Gallery by talented builders in the community!

2022 09 09 13 49 04 143 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Today we’re checking out this incredible amusement park built for the Oasis Springs park lot by AllGeek_Sims! This lot really stood out for us not only because it’s beautiful, but also because of how many activities our Sims can enjoy here! We love lots that have lots of different activities since the worlds in The Sims 4 are small and the number of lots limited. Building lots that serve many functions at once is the only way to experience everything in the game.

Let’s take a tour of this amusement park, shall we?

2022 09 09 13 49 38 155 SunflowerSyrupGShade

We love the entrance with a ticket stand and the nearby parking lot. It adds to the realism of the build and we feel like we’re really entering an amusement park in the real world! However, the real fun begins once you pass the entrance.

2022 09 09 13 50 03 517 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Inside, there’s an adorable ice cream and snack stand with picnic tables right near the entrance. The area is strung up with lights. We imagine this would be a lovely area at night when the lights are all lit! A little farther down the path and we come across two arcade machines, bubble blowers, and a juice keg! This section of the park is bound to get a little rowdy if your Sims are into that!

2022 09 09 13 50 19 153 SunflowerSyrupGShade

There’s swing sets, a ping pong table, and a bowling alley underneath a beautiful townhouse set with hot air balloons and a rainbow floating above! Wow! And on the other side of the park, visitors can enjoy an afternoon of roller blading beneath another very cool backdrop set!

2022 09 09 13 50 51 206 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Of course, a carnival wouldn’t be a carnival without any rides so when your Sims want to cozy up with their crush or simply take in the amazing views of the entire park all at once, they can go for a ride on the ferris wheel. We think the ferris wheel is a great way to impress a date!

2022 09 09 13 51 23 591 SunflowerSyrupGShade

This amusement park has no CC and can be downloaded from the Gallery! Just search the ID AllGeek and look for the build called OASIS PARQUE DE DIVERSÃO or click the download button below to be taken right to the build’s Gallery page!

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