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Fall into Fall with these Autumn Builds in The Sims 4!

sims 4 fall builds

October is just around the corner and we’re ready for pumpkin spice everything, colourful leaves crunching under our feet, and crisp autumn air! And our Sims are, too, which is why we want to showcase some amazing autumn-themed builds for The Sims 4.

FALL in Love

2022 09 23 14 41 07 215 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Creator: nikkamore

This build is aptly named because we fell in love with it at first sight! This impressive multi-story tudor home is beautiful decorated for the holiday season. We can’t get enough of the arched stone bridge over the water and the double door garage. We could sit on those balconies enjoying the view forever!

Fall Farm Wedding

2022 09 23 14 44 30 798 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Creator: TomilynYT

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned autumn countryside wedding? We sure do! If your engaged Sims couple is looking for a rustic, down-to-earth theme for their special day, look no further than this charming barn decorated with pumpkins and autumn leaves. It’s sure to be a magical day they won’t soon forget!

Town Square in the Fall

2022 09 23 14 47 16 629 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Creator: simmingmommy

This adorable town square was inspired by the Stars Hollow town square from the popular TV series, Gilmore Girls! We love how this little town square has been decorated for the autumn season with hay bales, orange and yellow lanterns, pumpkin lights, and pumpkin carving stations. What a perfect place to bring the whole family for an afternoon!

Old Town Fall Café

2022 09 23 14 43 04 489 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Creator: SarahAmina

This adorable, fully-furnished café is all ready for the autumn season both outside and inside! We are completely obsessed with all the small details in this build and we love the converted townhouse row design! Just imagine sipping a latte on that patio watching all the hustle and bustle and activity in the city’s historic quarter. Ahhh… we’re relaxed, already!

The Fall Festival

2022 09 23 14 48 52 586 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Creator: JessHarts

If you’re looking to get into the spooky spirit a little bit early, perhaps this Fall Festival lot is just what you’re looking for! There is both fun and fright to be had here with a haunted house attraction, pumpkin carving stations, a bonfire, and seasonal food vendor! We love the giant jack-o-lantern as a centrepiece in the middle of the round courtyard!

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