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Scary Good Sims 4 Halloween Mods for a Spooktacular Time!

Sims 4 Halloween

Spooky Day is just around the corner which means Simmers will be on the prowl for some good Sims 4 Halloween mods to add to their games. From costumes to food to poses and party décor, Sims Community’s got you covered! We compiled some of the best Halloween mods and CC for The Sims 4 for you to browse through all in one place!

Everything in this article is free to download with no paywalls or advertisements!

10 of the Best Sims 4 Halloween Mods

Halloween Costume Collection 2022 by Sentate

Sims 4 Halloween mods

Halloween just isn’t the same without costumes! Dressing up for Halloween isn’t just for kids these days. Adults love Halloween too and they should be allowed to express it with this amazing Sims 4 Halloween mods set by Sentate! This collection of spooky (and sexy) costumes are sure to be a big hit at any Spooky Day party.

Halloween Goodies by TheKalino

Halloween Pet CC

Who says our furry friends can’t join in on the fun this Halloween? Your beloved pooch can be part of the festivities too with these adorable costume items. Turn your dog into a skeleton, pirate, or put a cute pumpkin hat on his head. We can’t promise your dog will love these Sims 4 Halloween mods but you and your Sims sure will!

Ghost Skeleton Makeup by PYXIS

Halloween Ghost Makeup

Want to expand your spooky makeup selection this Halloween? This wispy skeleton makeup is sure to cause some screams at your next Spooky Party! This face makeup is perfect for a skeleton or ghost costume… or just wear all black for a mysterious, creepy look! However you choose to wear it, your Sims will definitely look scary with these Sims 4 Halloween mods.

Happy Halloween Pose Pack by Bommie Sims

Trick or Treat Pose Pack

Isn’t it so sad that we can’t send our little Sims trick-or-treating on Spooky Day? Well talented pose makers and dedicated storytellers have brought the magic of trick-or-treating to life with Sims 4 Halloween mods. Pose your Sims in this super cute pose set and take memorable screenshots of a night out trick-or-treating. Make sure to download all accessories listed on the download page and if you need help with using custom poses, check out our handy guide!

Creep It Real Halloween Decor by Ravasheen

Haloween Decor

A Spooky Party can always use some more spooky decor and this super cute set by Ravasheen is perfect for the job! The Maxis Match candy dish, cauldron, gourds, boo sign, and spider garlands can easily match any home and any aesthetic so they’re both versatile and fun! We definitely think this adorable set is the perfect finishing touch to any Halloween build.

Halloween Deco Food Set by Soloriya

Halloween Deco Food

Spooky Cookies, Zombie Cakes, and Cheese Eyeballs are all delicious spooky snacks but sometimes you want to flesh out the party spread a little and make a snack table really stand out. That’s when Sims 4 Halloween mods like this come to the rescue! Add these fun and unique deco food items to your food spread and it’ll look like your Sims cooked for days… even if they didn’t! They make for great story screenshots, too.

Simblreen 2015 Deco by inabadromance

Halloween Deco Party Spread

If you’re looking for a good mix of food and general Halloween party deco, this Simblreen set from 2015 is an oldie but a goodie! This absolutely huge set of party spreads and spooky decorations will really elevate your Spooky Day parties to another level. These are some Sims 4 Halloween mods you really don’t want to pass up!

Halloween Outdoor Stuff by wondymoon

Halloween Outdoor Decor

I think we can all agree that The Sims 4 is lacking in the outdoor Halloween decorations department, right? That’s why you’ll really want to check out this really cool set of outdoor spooky decorations! A huge ghost, trick-or-treat signs, and gnarled hands coming out of the ground will make your Sim’s house stand out this Spooky Day and all the neighbourhood kids will want to pay a visit for some treats!

Citrouille Halloween Set by Syboulette

Halloween Outdoor Set

More spooky outdoor decor for your Sims to love! These Sims 4 Halloween mods will really make your house pop this Halloween with fun jack-o-lanterns, tall straw displays, a ghost welcome mat, and a bat-covered wreath! Decorating your Sim’s house with these fun, spooky items will be a Spooky Day not soon forgotten!

Halloween Nails by Dark Pink

Halloween Nails

Sims who love to glam up their nails for every season and special occasion are going to love these super long, super detailed Halloween nails! Featuring spider web and Scream designs with a touch of pink and black, there is no way your Sims’ nails will go unnoticed this Spooky Day. I have to say, I’m jealous that my Sims can have nails this long and still type. I wish I could.

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