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The Sims 4 Build Spotlight: Croft Manor

croft manor

I’ve recently found myself rediscovering a lot of games that I used to play while I was growing up, and one of those happened to be Tomb Raider. Upon scrolling through YouTube one evening recently, I came across this build of Croft Manor by RusticSims!

Are you ready for a new Tomb Raiding adventure?

The build itself was created on the 64×64 lot, as ideally is best placed in either Windenburg or Brindleton Bay. RusticSims Croft Manor does utilize some custom content that is detailed in the Croft Manor Walkthrough Video.

I was blown away by the detail in this build, and watching the build come together through the stop-motion video really gave you the sense that you were there building it too.

After watching the stop-motion video of Croft Manor being created, I decided to jump into the game myself and explore the build for myself.

I placed the lot in Windenburg as recommended and, it truly is the perfect place to have Croft Manor.

TS4 x64 2022 09 07 14 04 10

With my Sim channelling their inner Tomb Raider, I began exploring Croft Manor through the eyes of my Sim, and it was great fun! It brought back a lot of memories from navigating through Croft Manor myself in the likes of Tomb Raider II. Spending countless hours playing through the obstacle course (and failing) as well as trapping the Butler in the fridge countless times.

Regardless of where I was within Croft Manor, I was taken aback by the details. How each and every area of the house felt like I was walking through it in the actual Tomb Raider home in one of the games, or how Croft Manor was portrayed in the movies.

Here’s a closer look at some of my favourite screenshots and areas in RusticSims Croft Manor!

TS4 x64 2022 09 07 14 05 00
TS4 x64 2022 09 07 14 46 43

This was such a beautiful build to explore with my Sim and RusticSims version of Croft Manor is perfect! I can’t wait to explore more of their builds in the future.

Be sure to check out Croft Manor and more of RusticSims incredible builds over on The Gallery by searching for the EA ID RusticSims!

For now, I will be living the Tomb Raider life with my Sims in Windenburg. Who knows what they will get up to!

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