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Sims 4 Halloween Sale: Snag Up to 50% Off on Bundles!

Sims 4 Halloween Sale

As the eerie aura of Halloween creeps upon us, the virtual realm of The Sims 4 is treating its loyal simmers with a sale that’s too tempting to resist. The clock is ticking, with offers winding up on November 2nd, so it’s time to dive into the whimsical world of Sims 4, now at a fraction of the cost on EA’s platform.

This sale comes at a momentous time when the community is abuzz with anticipation for Project RENE and a forthcoming expansion pack. But who could pass up a good sale?

Sizzling Sale on Expansion Packs

Sims 4 Expansion Packs

If you’re looking to expand your Sims universe, this sale is your chance to snag some expansion packs at a steal. Although Horse Ranch is not included in the sale, here’s a peek at what’s on offer:

These expansion packs are brimming with new experiences, ready to enrich your Sims’ lives. But remember, the Horse Ranch expansion pack and the latest Home Chef Hustle stuff pack are exceptions to this sale.

Game Packs Galore

Sims 4 Game Packs

Game packs are your ticket to a realm filled with fresh narratives and adventures. Each pack opens up a new dimension in gameplay, making the Sims 4 an endless playground of creativity. Priced at 13,99€, now’s your chance to grab titles like:

Stuff Packs Extravaganza


Stuff Packs are the little sprinkles of joy that add flavor to the Sims 4 game, and now they are up for grabs! The new Home Chef Hustle stuff pack is playing hard to get though, as it’s not part of the sale. However, take a closer look on the packs that are:

Bundled Bliss

Sims 4 Bundles

Bundles are the ultimate treasure troves for gamers, and this sale brings forth three enticing bundle deals:

Pet Lovers: Unleash the animal lover in you for $39.99 (Discounted from $49.99) with Cats & Dogs expansion pack, Parenthood game pack, and My First Pet stuff pack.

Everyday Sims: Seasons change in the real world and in Sims 4 with this bundle for $39.99 (Discounted from $49.99), featuring Seasons expansion pack, Parenthood game pack, and Laundry Day stuff pack.

Decorator’s Dream: For those who find joy in virtual architecture and interior design, this bundle at $39.99 (Discounted from $49.99) with Cottage Living expansion pack, Dream Home Decorator game pack, and Tiny Living stuff pack is a dream come true.

Each bundle is a curated experience, catering to different facets of the Sims 4 universe, ensuring there’s something for every kind of simmer.

What Pack Should I Get?

The Sims 4 sale on EA is offering a plethora of options to enrich your gaming experience without burning a hole in your pocket. But like all good things, this sale has an expiry date. So mark your calendar and make the most of these deals before they vanish into the virtual ether come November 2nd!

But with all these options, it might get a bit difficult to choose the right pack. Not to worry, though! We created a Completely Unbiased Sims 4 Pack Guide to help you out!

Which pack will you be getting this Halloween Sale? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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