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The Sims 4 Taylor Swift: 1989 (TV) Create A Sim Challenge

Sims 4 1989

In honour of 1989 Taylor’s Version being Taylor’s latest re-recorded album and in true Sims Community fashion, we wanted to create a new Sims 4 Taylor Swift lookbook to commemorate the launch!

If you have followed Sims Community for a while, you will know that this isn’t the first time Taylor Swift has inspired us. Our previous content focused on both RED (Taylor’s Version) and Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and the Henford-on-Bagley Playlist inspired by Evermore. You could say that the Sims Community team are well and truly Swifties!

Sims 4 Taylor Swift
Haunted-inspired look from the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) CAS Challenge & Lookbook

Sims 4 Taylor Swift Challenge Details

This Sims 4 Taylor Swift-inspired challenge features all the songs from 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and aims to get players to create looks inspired by the various hit songs from the album.

Of course, we had to include the new Vaulted and the exclusive edition songs. If not this Sims 4 Taylor Swift challenge wouldn’t be complete otherwise. With over twenty songs to choose from, there will be plenty of ways to create a number of looks that represent 1989 (Taylor’s Version).

Sims 4 Taylor Swift

There is no right or wrong way to complete this Sims 4 Taylor Swift challenge. Simply, pick one of the songs and create a look based on your choice.

We also added a free choice option for this Sims 4 Taylor Swift Challenge. This was more, so players could potentially create an overall look based upon the album or combine inspiration from multiple songs into one look.

Once you’ve completed your looks, you can share them on social media or The Gallery. Just make sure to use the hashtag #1989TVSims!

And with that, that is everything you need to know about this The Sims 4 Taylor Swift Create A Sim Challenge!

The Lookbook (Taylor’s Version)

As Swifties ourselves, we couldn’t create a The Sims 4 Taylor Swift challenge and not make a few looks inspired by the album. Between SnarkyWitch and I, we have each picked two songs and got creative with our looks!

Each of the looks we’ve created for this Sims 4 Taylor Swift challenge is Custom Content free and uses a variety of options available in-game. Full details of each look can be found under each look!

Heaven and Sin

taylor blankspace2

“Oh my God, look at that face. You look like my next mistake. Love’s a game. Wanna play?”

Blank Space is the story of a jealous woman who seems like a daydream for a month… until her nasty temper turns the fantasy into a nightmare. This music video had so many iconic looks that it was hard to pick one but in the end, I decided to recreate Taylor’s horseback riding outfit. It’s such elevated simplicity, elegant, and speaks to my inner horse girl.

  • Hair: Messy Curly Bun (Eco Lifestyle)
  • Top: Loose Fitted V-Neck Sweater (Moonlight Chic)
  • Bottom: Button-Up Fitted Breeches (Realm of Magic)
  • Shoes: Knee-High English Riding Boots (Horse Ranch)
  • Accessories: Sunglasses (Seasons) / Earrings (Base Game) / Gloves (Home Chef Hustle)
  • Makeup: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, & Blush (Base Game) / Lipstick (Base Game – MAC Cosmetics)

This Sick Beat

taylor shakeitoff

“I’m dancing on my own. I make the rules up as I go. And that’s what they don’t know.”

Shake It Off holds a special place in my heart because it came out at a good time in my life. I’d just started a new relationship, I was working on things I was passionate about and Shake It Off just felt like the perfect soundtrack for all of that; shaking off the hard times of the past and looking forward to the future. Even though that relationship ultimately ended and my other passions went in a different direction, Shake It Off still brings back all those positive, hopeful feelings. Of course, I had to recreate one of my favourite looks from that video!

  • Hair: High Ponytail (Spa Day)
  • Top: Half-Sleeved Windbreaker (Growing Together)
  • Bottom: Distressed Faded Denim Shorts (Bowling Night)
  • Shoes: Lace-Up Sneakers (Incheon Arrivals)
  • Accessories: Earrings (Base Game) / Necklace (Get Famous) / Bracelets (Luxury Party & Get Together) / Socks (High School Years)
  • Makeup: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Blush, and Lipstick (Base Game)

Now You Say You Want It Back

TS4 x64 milkeeme milkbeam 2023 10 22 18 24 32

“People like you always want back the love they gave away”

All You Had To Do Is Stay can be interpreted in so many different ways. For me, I had the image of a Sim finally being free from a relationship before the other person realised their mistake. They would be walking through town singing the lyrics to the song wearing their favourite outfit and making heads turn in the process. I chose to create this outfit using colours featured in the new artwork to really bring the look to life. In fact, it came together much better than I expected!

  • Hair:  Shaggy Wolfcut (Werewolves)
  • Top: Layered Cropped Blazer (Incheon Arrivals)
  • Skirt: Pleated Skirt (High School Years)
  • Shoes: Woven Wedges (Cottage Living)
  • Accessories:  Crescent Necklace and single Decorative Rings (Werewolves)
  • Makeup: Eyeshadow ( Base Game x MAC), Eyeliner (High School Years), Lipstick (Base Game x MAC), Nails (Base Game)

Now We Got Problems

TS4 x64 blarffy softie 2023 10 22 19 35 44

“Did you have to ruin what was shiny, now it’s all rusted”

As soon as I decided to create a look for Bad Blood, I knew it would be something that gave off a similar vibe to that of the music video. It gives a don’t mess with this Sim impression and that this Sim means business when on a mission. Definitely a Sim I wouldn’t want to cross in a bad mood!

  • Hair: Twin Braids with Bangs (Snowy Escape)
  • Top: Mesh Long Sleeve (High School Years)
  • Bottoms: Camo Cargos (Moonlight Chic)
  • Shoes: Laced Up Military Boots (Werewolves)
  • Accessories:  Beanie (Grunge Revival), Celestial Earrings (Realm of Magic), Ring (Base Game)
  • Makeup: Eyeshadow (High School Years), Eyeliner (Base Game), Blush (Base Game x MAC) Lips (Base Game x Akalukery)


This The Sims 4 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Lookbook was a collaboration between Krista and SnarkyWitch!

Don’t forget to share your The Sims 4 Taylor Swift-inspired looks over on social media by using the hashtag #1989TVSims

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