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Sims 4 Random Number Generator: Transform Boring Gameplay!

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Bored? Try a Sims 4 random number generator! There’s no question that over the past decade, The Sims 4 has offered plenty of new experiences through base game updates and DLC packs but even the most creative Simmers can still sometimes find themselves bored. As humans, we tend to stick to what we know and play the same types of storylines over and over again. I’ve totally been there, too!

Tired of playing the same storylines over and over? Add an element of randomness!

But this kind of repetitive play can lead to serious burnout. And the worst part? All that money you’ve spent on DLC packs is going to waste because you’re not exploring enough and utilizing all the features those packs have to offer. It can be hard to break out of that cycle, though, which is where a random number generator can help!

The Sims 4 Random Number Generator

Sims 4 random number generator
Hm, what should we do in The Sims 4 today? Let a random number generator decide!

So how does using a Sims 4 random number generator help make your game more exciting? Well, the possibilities are almost limitless, but to understand how to use this tool to improve your gameplay, you first need to know what number generators are and how they work. Then you can apply them to almost anything you want!

What are Random Number Generators?

Random number generators are super scientific, yet super simple at the same time!

Random number generators (or RNGs) are computerized algorithms that create numbers which lack any kind of pattern or predictability. Essentially, these algorithms spit out random numbers, which can be used for a variety of different purposes, including gaming. If that sounds confusing, all you really need to know is that RNGs are basically a calculator designed to spit out random numbers.

So what’s the point of this? Well, for Simmers specifically, these random numbers can be used to dictate how you play your Sims 4 game. You can do this in a nearly infinite amount of ways, but the gist is that you assign certain game outcomes to a set of numbers and whichever number the RNG spits out is the outcome you choose in your game. Playing The Sims 4 this way can help break you out of a boring cycle of predictability and force you to do things in the game you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

How to Apply RNGs to The Sims 4

For the sake of this article, we’re going to call the RNG a Sims 4 random number generator, but just know that random number generators can be used for any game and many purposes outside of gaming, not just The Sims 4.

TS4DU Gameplay Trailer 158
Let a computer make random choices for your gameplay!

We talked a bit about how to apply the Sims 4 random number generator to your game by assigning certain outcomes to a number and then choosing the outcome that corresponds to the number the generator gives you. Now we’re going to break that down into more detail.

  • Step 1: Search online for a random number generator to bring up many different online number generators that are free to use. We’ll also list some number generators we like later on in this article.
  • Step 2: Put in the range of numbers you want the Sims 4 random number generator to pull from. For example, you can tell it to select a number between 1 and 10.
  • Step 3: Make sure you have assigned some sort of outcome to each number. For example, you could assign different story options to each number. Maybe 1 means your Sim will focus on a party lifestyle, 2 means they’ll focus on their career, 3 means they’ll live a family life with a spouse and kids, etc. The options are endless. To shake things up, you can ask the Sims 4 random number generator to spit out multiple numbers, which could make things extra interesting. It would certainly be a fun challenge if it spat out 1 and 3 and your Sim ended up trying to balance a family with a party lifestyle, wouldn’t it?
  • Step 4: Tell it to generate a number (or a set of numbers). Then play your game according to the outcomes you previously assigned to those numbers.

You can use a Sims 4 random number generator like a choose your own adventure novel. Anytime your Sim is at a crossroads where they have to make a decision about something, you can turn to the RNG to make that decision for your Sim. This could take both you and your Sim through so many unexpected twists and turns you never would have thought of on your own.

A Sim singing karaoke
Never tried out the karaoke bars in San Myshuno? Put it into an RNG and see if it’s time to visit one!

Some other ways to apply a Sims 4 random number generator to your game include helping you decide which pack content to explore. Assign numbers to all the packs you own that you feel you don’t play with enough and see which pack it spits out. For even more interesting gameplay, generate up to 3 numbers and try to find a way to incorporate all three of those packs into your gameplay.

Or if your Sim is caught up in a love triangle, using a Sims 4 random number generator can help you decide which lucky Sim ultimately gets to walk down the aisle with them! You can really do a lot with RNGs to help you break out of a Simming rut!

Random Number Generators We Love!

Okay so you have a pretty good grasp of how to make your Sims 4 game more exciting by using a random number generator, but where do you find a good one? Luckily, the internet is full of really useful RNGs that are completely free and super helpful for a wide range of uses, including having more fun with your Sims 4 game!

Random dot org
Image Source: is a pretty tried-and-true number generator. It’s been around for a long time and it’s super easy to use. Pick a minimum and maximum number you want it to pull from and hit Generate. Presto! You have your random number. This tool is great for quick and easy number generation. It also has other free tools like a dice roller and coin flipper. However, we think its sequence generator is a little too complex for the simple purposes most Simmers would want to use it for.


symbolab dot com
Image Source:

Like, Symbolab also offers a dice roller as well as basic number picking. We like Symbolab’s dice roller because it allows you to choose how many sides there are to the dice as well as how many dice should be rolled. It’s also much easier to use its sequence generator because it’s built right into the main number generator. Pick your minimum and maximum number and how many numbers you want to generate. You can even decide whether you want to include repeat numbers or not, and tell the RNG to pull from even numbers, odd numbers, or both. Overall, we prefer Symbolab for dice rolling and sequence generating.

Randomize baby names for your Sims
Image Source:

Don’t be fooled by the uncreative name. This website definitely has an edge over the competition, especially for Simmers! Not only does it have a dice roller and a basic number generator, but it also has a random baby name picker! Be honest; how many times have you sat staring at the new baby screen in your game agonizing over which name to pick for your legacy’s next heir? Never again! Choose the gender, length, initial, popularity, and origin for your new Sim’s name and generate a list of names tailored to your preferences!

Goodbye Boredom! Hello Randomness!

We hope using a Sims 4 random number generator will help you find new ways to enjoy your game. And if you loved this article on using a Sims 4 random number generator to make your game more exciting, check out these tips and tricks for telling great stories!

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