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The Sims 4 Elders Autumnal Lookbook

Sims 4 Autumn Looks

Like many, The Sims 4 Elders is a life stage that I rarely play however recently I’ve gotten into playing the game slightly differently. With a more family-orientated approach, I’ve been striving to play with features I haven’t explored or have overlooked for some time. Truthfully, it has been a challenge at times but also so rewarding. Playing with Elders has been incredibly interesting and they need to be shown some love!

With that being said, let’s take a look at our featured Sims 4 Elders for this lookbook!

Meet The Elders

Residing in the wonderful world of Windenburg, Dotty and Kenny Shirley have definitely opted for a quieter life. Having travelled the world for many years, Windenburg seemed like the perfect choice for their later years.

Kenny is an Eco Innovator. He can always be found tinkering and creating new inventions. Now that he has plenty of spare time he’s been able to dream bigger than ever before. Dotty on the other hand makes the most of being able to spend time outdoors either on her own gardening or spending time with family.

Sims 4 Elders

All of the looks featured in this lookbook are completely custom content-free. A full rundown of the clothing options used in each Sims 4 Elders look can be found below!

Sunday Stroll

TS4 x64 milkeeme milkbeam 2023 10 29 20 00 33

The perfect outfit for a lovely Autumn day. The weather isn’t too hot but also not too cold. It’s enough to get a scarf and coat out though. Take a stroll through the open green land in Henford on Bagley. Enjoying not only the cooler weather but also taking in the scenery and wildlife.

  • Hair: Easy Going Style (City Living)
  • Top: Coat & Scarf Combo (Seasons)
  • Bottom: Semi-Smart Trousers (Base Game)
  • Shoes: Laced Smart Hikers (Seasons)
  • Accessories: Socks (Outdoor Retreat)

Gardening Games

TS4 x64 milkeeme milkbeam 2023 10 29 20 07 23

Does your Sim love the outdoors and gardening? Then this cosy gardening look is perfect! While still getting all the dirty work done, stay warm, comfortable and stylish while doing the same with the garden. Whether the task is big or small, your Sim can look the part with ease!

  • Hair: Should Length Waves (Cottage Living)
  • Top: Floral Mushroom Cardigan Combo (Cottage Living)
  • Bottom: Decorative Cropped Trousers (Strangerville)
  • Shoes: Slip-On Shoes (Base Game)
  • Accessories: Sun Hat (Seasons)
  • Makeup: Eyeshadow (Mac x Base Game) Eyeliner (Base Game) Blush (Mac x Base Game) Lipstick (Akalukery x Base Game) Nails (Base Game)

Crazy & Cosy Creations

TS4 x64 milkeeme milkbeam 2023 10 29 20 22 22

Create the ultimate inventions with ease in this everyday creator look! Featuring plenty of pockets for pens, notes and other odds and ends, your Sim won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable with this outfit! It’s practical and stylish. What more could your Sims 4 Elders want?

  • Hair: Easy Going Style (City Living)
  • Top: Waistcoat Overlay (Dream Home Decorator)
  • Bottom: Smart Combats (Growing Together)
  • Shoes: Lazy Day Smart Loafers (Growing Together)
  • Accessories: Socks (Outdoor Retreat) Everyday Watch (Base Game)

Family Fun Day

TS4 x64 milkeeme milkbeam 2023 10 29 20 27 14

While the weather hasn’t fully changed, this outfit can be worn as is or paired with a jacket of sorts. Formal yet casual as well as practical for looking after the grandchildren and catching up with other family members.

  • Hair: Pretty Sleek Bun (Base Game)
  • Full Body: Patterned Belted Dress (Growing Together)
  • Shoes: Simple Black Heels (Base Game)
  • Accessories: Earrings (Vintage Glamour) Tights, Necklace, Watch & Ring (Base Game)
  • Makeup: Eyeliner (Base Game) Lipstick (Akalukery x Base Game) Blush (Mac x Base Game). Nails (Spa Day)

Download These Sims 4 Elders

Would you like to download Dotty and Kenny and have them in your own game? Well, you’re in luck! You can download the Shirley household straight from The Gallery and into your game!

  • Gallery Name: Leekseverywhere
  • Household Name: Shirley


Do you play with Sims 4 Elders in your game regularly or are planning to do so? Let us know in the comments section!

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