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Discover Helpful Sims 4 Discovery Quests: Skillful Sims

Sims 4 Skilful Sims

The Sims 4 Discovery Quests are a new tutorial feature added to the game with the October 31st, 2023 free game update. They are quick and easy interactive tutorials designed to help players find their footing in the game and learn the basic mechanics. While veteran players probably won’t learn anything new from these quests, the free rewards may still make them worth your while to do.

Learn how to complete the Skillful Sims discovery quest for potion rewards!

While playing a new game, you may be offered the opportunity to do the Skillful Sims discovery quest. This quest will walk you through all the main ways you can build your Sim’s skills to unlock new interactions and gameplay perks related to those skills. It’s very straight forward and quick to complete and the rewards are worth the minute or so of effort, in our opinion.

The Sims 4 Discovery Quests: Skillful Sims Walkthrough

Read on for a quick and a detailed breakdown of how to complete the Skillful Sims discovery quest in The Sims 4!

Quick Guide

Sims 4 discovery quests

If you just want to know what the goals and rewards are for the Skillful Sims Sims 4 Discovery Quests, you can get the quick and easy breakdown right below. Good luck on your quest!

Quest Goals

  • Open the Skills panel
  • Learn or Level Up a Life Skill
  • Learn or Level Up a Social Skill

Quest Rewards

  • Focused Potion x1
  • Inspired Potion x1
  • Confident Potion x1

Detailed Guide

Need more instruction? Perhaps you’re a new player still learning the ropes. Not to worry! We’ll walk you through every step so you too can complete this quest and enjoy some sweet rewards.

Starting the Quest

Skillful Sims

If you don’t have the Skillful Sims discovery quest currently, you’ll have to trigger it through gameplay. Since discovery quests are new, we’re still figuring out the finer details about how to trigger them but after running a few tests, it seems like you have a good chance of triggering a discovery quest if you do things related to that discovery quest. For Skillful Sims, that means trying out some skills. In our case, we received an offer to start this quest when our Sim was socializing with their neighbour.

Discovery quest offers will come in the form of a phone notification in the bottom left of your screen. You can choose to reject the quest, accept it, or save it for a later time.

Completing the Quest Goals

Life Skills

Once you’ve accepted this quest, you’ll have a series of goals to complete in the top left corner of your screen. You can complete these as quickly or as leisurely as you want, it’s up to you. If you’re speeding your way through it, you can expect to be finished in 2-3 real world minutes, tops. The goals are very quick and easy to complete.

You can complete the goals in any order you want; however, only up to 3 goals will be displayed at a time. Since the Skillful Sims quest only has three goals, you’ll be finished the quest once you complete them.

Social Skills
  • Open the Skills panel: You’ll find the Skills panel in the bottom left sidebar of your screen while in Live Mode. Each Sim has their own Skills panel. It’s the icon of a light bulb. Click it to pull it up and you’ll get a breakdown of all the skills your Sim has learned so far. You’ll also complete this quest goal as soon as you click on the Skills panel.
  • Learn or Level Up a Life Skill: If you’re not sure what counts as a “Life Skill,” you can hover over the goal with your cursor to get a tooltip with a more detailed description. According to the tooltip, Life skills are skills that help your Sim function on a day to day basis. Skills like Cooking, Handiness, Gardening, and Fishing skills are considered Life Skills. To complete this goal, just start working on any one of those skills. For the Cooking skill, we recommend making some garden salads if your Sim doesn’t already have any Cooking skill. It’s a level one recipe that won’t burn your house down. You can build the Gardening skill by purchasing a planter box in the Outdoor section of Build/Buy and placing it on your lot. Then click the planter box to purchase some starter seeds. Click the seed packet in your Sim’s inventory to open them and drag the produce from the inventory to the planter. Then tell your Sim to go over there and plant and water them. To build the Fishing skill, find any body of water in the neighbourhood with a little fishing sign at the shore and cast your line there. Every neighbourhood in the base game world of Willow Creek has a fishing spot. And for the Handiness skill, you can fix any broken appliance on your lot or purchase a woodworking bench from the Activities and Skills section of Build/Buy and start carving stuff.
  • Learn or Level Up a Social Skill: If you’re not sure what counts as a “Social Skill,” you can hover over the goal with your cursor to get a tooltip with a more detailed description. According to the tooltip, Social skills are skills that can help your Sims make friends (or enemies). The Charisma, Comedy, and Mischief skills are all Social skills. All of these skills can be built by socializing with other Sims. Use Friendly socials to build Charisma skill. Use Funny socials to build Comedy skill. And use Mischief socials to build the Mischief skill. If Sims to talk to are in short supply, you can also Psych Yourself Up at a mirror to become Confident and then Practice Speech in a mirror to build your Charisma skill. Being in the Confident emotion will build the Charisma skill faster.

Reap Your Rewards!

Discovery Quest Reward

Congrats on completing the Skillful Sims Sims 4 Discovery Quests! For your efforts, your Sim will receive some potions in their inventory that will help them get into specific emotions. Being in the right emotion for a skill can help you build that skill faster. Your Sim will have a total of 3 potions in their inventory: a Focused Potion, a Confident Potion, and an Inspired Potion. Drink these to get into the right emotion for skill building. Being Focused helps with Logic, Programming, Handiness, Gardening, Video Gaming, and Rocket Science skills. Being Inspired helps with Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Mixology, Photography, Writing, Painting, Guitar, Violin, and Piano skills. Being Confident helps with Charisma skill.

Considering that each of these potions costs 100 satisfaction points in the rewards store, getting three for free isn’t a bad reward for the minimal effort it takes to complete this discovery quest.

If you’d like some extra help managing your Sim’s emotions to optimize their skill building, check out our Guide to Emotions!

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