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The Sims 4 For Rent Gameplay Trailer is Arriving Soon!

Sims 4 For Rent Gameplay Trailer

The Sims team have announced the eagerly awaited gameplay trailer for The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack is dropping tomorrow!

On November 16th, 2023 at 10 am PT/6 pm GMT / 5 pm CET, the community will be able to get a closer glimpse at what’s to come in the upcoming pack!

The Sims 4 For Rent Gameplay Trailer

You can catch the reveal of the gameplay trailer over on YouTube. Don’t forget to hit the Notify Me button to catch the trailer live when it’s released!

The YouTube Premiere currently shows us two Sims from the reveal trailer enjoying an evening out in what appears to be the new Night Market area of Tomarang. However, it doesn’t really reveal anything else that we can expect to see in The Sims 4 For Rent gameplay trailer overall.

With the announcement of the trailer coming soon, The Sims Team posted across social media a short four-second video showcasing a speed build of a new apartment complex.

What We Know So Far

From what we know so far, there is going to be a lot featured in this upcoming expansion pack!

Based on what we spotted during the reveal trailer players can choose between being a property manager or a tenant. Get the latest gossip from your neighbours, take a trip down memory lane with hopscotch and marbles or even bustin’ out some new dance moves!

There also looks to be new communal mail areas, temple offerings, tea, rice cookers, new recipes, smaller stuffed animals, eavesdropping on your neighbours and possibly a way for your Sims to channel their inner Kleptomanic in new ways. You can also find new pool floaties, a new style of toilet, building maintenance for landlords and even a new death type.

That’s not all! Level up your building skills with new ways to build. Players will be able to create lots which can feature up to six, yes six separate units for Sims to live in. Better still, each unit can become home to an eight Sim household too. Can you just imagine six units, all with eight Sims (or pets) all residing on one lot? It would be chaos!

Of course, hopefully, all of this and more will be confirmed for us tomorrow when The Sims 4 For Rent Gameplay trailer drops!

Pre-Order The Expansion Now

Do you already like the sound of The Sims 4 For Rent expansion pack? Then you’re in luck!

You can now pre-order the expansion pack from your relevant platform store! If you pre-order or even purchase before January 18th 2024, you’ll receive the Street Eats Digital Content!

Sims 4 For Rent Gameplay

Tune In To Find Out More

So, make sure you tune into The Sims YouTube to find out everything you need to know about the brand new expansion in The Sims 4 For Rent gameplay trailer!

As a reminder, The Sims 4 For Rent gameplay trailer airs November 16th 2023 at 10 am PT / 5 pm CET / 6 pm GMT.

The Sims 4 For Rent launches on all platforms on Thursday 7th December 2023!

Let us know what you are looking forward to in the upcoming expansion. Alternatively, what you are hoping to see featured in the gameplay trailer?

Stay tuned on Sims Community for the latest news from The Sims franchise and the upcoming The Sims 4 For Rent expansion pack!

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