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The Complete Sims 4 For Rent Deep Dive Recap! Don’t Miss the Fun!

Sims 4 Livestream Recap

It’s a big day in the Simming community because the latest Sims 4 For Rent developer deep dive happened today! The game developers hosted a livestream showing off everything For Rent has to offer in detail and as always, Sims Community is here to recap every important detail of the livestream for those who missed it.

Catch up on all the fun For Rent has to offer!

The Sims 4 For Rent Deep Dive Summary

Even if you watched the livestream, it was easy to gloss over parts of it because there was a lot to unpack in a relatively short time frame. You can refresh your memory with our easy-to-read point form summary broken up into categories for easier navigating.

The Sims 4 For Rent Deep Dive Summary

If you’re eager to learn more about a specific portion of The Sims 4 For Rent deep dive, you’ll find our point-form format in categories extremely helpful! Use our table of contents to jump right to the section you want to learn more about and read all the new information in easily-digestible bullet point format!


World Map - Tomarang
  • Residential Rentals differ from apartments in The Sims 4 For Rent. They are more versatile than apartment buildings. Players can build any kind of multi-family dwelling they want from the ground up to create duplexes, homes split up into rental rooms, and more.
  • Easily switch a Residential lot to a Residential Rental lot. Click on a room to designate it as part of a private unit or a shared space.
  • Set lot challenges individually per unit.
  • When you are building a Residential Rental in The Sims 4 For Rent, there will be suggestions for what makes a good rental unit with a high rating but you are not required to follow those guidelines. You have the freedom to include or omit whatever you want from a unit.
World Menu
  • Residential Rentals can have a maximum of 6 units, but there is a cheat that will allow players to build more units if they want to. Keep in mind that the developers still recommend 6 units per lot for the best performance.
  • There is a global cap on how many units you can have per save in The Sims 4 For Rent. The limit is 100 units across your whole save.
  • You can build Residential Rentals in any residential world you want, on almost any lot you want. The exceptions to this are Sulani waterfront lots and non-livable lots.
  • If you get confused when assigning separate units and want to just start over, there’s a button to assign all rooms to one unit. Then you can redo your layout as you please.
Tomarang Location
  • Tomarang is a full-size residential world in The Sims 4 For Rent with two neighbourhoods; Morensong which is the town centre and Koh Sahpa, which is more rural and relaxed.
  • There’s a big beautiful park in the middle of Tomarang with playground equipment, hopscotch, and marbles. This neighbourhood also has a botanical garden, a fish market, and plenty of vendor stands in the night market.
  • There is a rabbithole tiger sanctuary in The Sims 4 For Rent. Sims can visit the sanctuary or donate to it to receive cool items. The sanctuary has a lot of lore and some reward items you can get from visiting both at night and during the day. If you sneak in after hours, you can get banned from the tiger sanctuary.
  • There is a very large swimming area in open waters in Tomarang. The swimming area leads to a cave that also has a lot of lore hidden within it.

Live Mode

Tenant Agreement Menu
  • In Live Mode, if you designate a shared space in a Residential Rental, you will see Sims living in other units leave their units to use the objects in the shared space. This is a good way to make sure Sims can spend time with their neighbours.
  • While playing within a unit in Live Mode, you will not be able to see inside any of the other units. If you want to go visit a Sim living in a different unit, you will need to go through a load screen to access that unit.
  • To make this less cumbersome, there is now a quick Play This Household interaction on units so you don’t need to go through any menus to visit another unit; just the one load screen. This feature is being added to the base game as well, it’s not exclusive to The Sims 4 For Rent.
Vacancy Applications
  • Sims who own a Residential Rental can decide how much rent they want to charge per day and be able to see their rating as well as unit rules and any tenants currently there.
  • You are incentivized to make your rental units nice for your tenants in The Sims 4 For Rent. It will result in a better rating and happier tenants, but you can play the role of an evil, greedy landlord if you want to.
  • When filling a vacancy, you’ll get to choose from a list of potential tenants. You’ll be able to see how many Sims are part of that household and their ages, how many beds they need, and how much they are willing to pay in rent.
  • You can evict Sims in The Sims 4 For Rent but if you do so unjustly, there are negative consequences to mistreating your tenants like that.
  • New Collection: Tassels. Once you’ve collected all the tassels, you can combine them to create a new item. The tassels also come with their own lore. There is also a marbles collection with a jar to store them in.
Tiger Sanctuary
  • Cringe Sims can Spout Memes at other Sims and Nosy Sims can spy on other Sims. They will pull out a pair of binoculars when they do.
  • You can break into your neighbours’ units and snoop around in their personal things to dig up information about them in The Sims 4 For Rent. You can break into any residential lot, not just residential rentals! Once a Sim has a secret about their neighbours, you can use those secrets to blackmail them.
  • Breaking and entering is a timed event and if your Sim does not leave the residence before the timer runs out, they could get caught!
  • While Sims won’t be able to be burglars in The Sims 4 For Rent, some Sims may be able to swipe an item or two while breaking into a home if they have the Kleptomaniac trait.
Discover Secrets About Neighbours
  • The kettle can boil hot water for either tea or coffee.
  • The rice cooker can be set and then left for super easy, low maintenance cooking!
  • To have mould on a lot, you need to assign the Mould Lot Challenge on it and neglect the maintenance of the lot. Mould has to be managed and cleaned up regularly in order to avoid possible death! The mould Lot Challenge can be applied to any lot.
  • There is an option to add the Maintenance Troubles Lot Challenge to regular Residential lots if you want that gameplay in a normal home. This lot challenge is not available for Residential Rentals because maintenance is already part of managing a rental.
  • When things go wrong in a Residential Rental, you can hire a cheap contractor, an expensive contractor, or try to handle the problem yourself. There is also a haunting event and your Sims can exorcize the ghosts terrorizing tenants in The Sims 4 For Rent.


CAS Assets
  • Traditional and updated traditional Southeast Asian fashion.
  • Lots of hot weather attire for the warm, balmy climate.
  • Lots of patterns and bright colours.
  • New hairstyles and a new beard.
Infant CAS
  • Plenty of comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to mix and match together.
  • There are CAS assets for children, toddlers, and infants!
  • Four Aspirations: Fount of Tomarani Knowledge (Location), Seeker of Secrets (Deviance), Discerning Dweller (Popularity), Five Star Property Owner (Fortune)
Elder Specific Trait: Wise
  • Five CAS Traits: Cringe, Generous, Nosy, Child of the Village, Wise (Elder-Only)
  • Elders can gain the Wise trait when they age up. Certain traits like Genius will make it more likely that an Elder will acquire the Wise trait when they age up.


Rocky Hot Tubs
  • New natural looking hot tub with rocks
  • A grill as a reward for one of the new social events
  • New mailboxes; a large and a small one
  • Marbles and hopscotch objects
  • New For Rent lawn signs
  • No shoes sign
  • New stair railings, lanterns, and awnings
  • Lots of bright patterns and colours just like the CAS catalogue
Mailboxes and For Rent Signs
  • New pressure cooker and kettle small appliances in The Sims 4 For Rent; Sims can now boil tea water in the microwave (the horror!)
  • Lots of new Southeast Asian recipes
  • A new squat toilet and a toddler training potty
  • Water heaters, air conditioners, fuse boxes, and radiators. All of these objects have gameplay associated with Residential Rentals but can be placed on any lot. Integrated with weather from Seasons.
Patterns and Bright Colours
  • New pool floaties which are a reward for the new pool party social event
  • New kitchen counters and cabinets
  • Lots of new fences in many bright pastel colours.
  • Plenty of new wallpaper, also with lots of new colours and textures.
  • New grungy decals to make any wall look damaged and worn out.
  • New roof tiles and decorative roof pieces.

We are so excited to play with all of these features ourselves when The Sims 4 For Rent launches on PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One consoles on December 7th, 2023!

Missed the livestream and want to see it for yourself? No worries, you can catch up right here!

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