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The Sims 4 Apartments: New Ways to Get Creative!

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The latest expansion pack, For Rent, is launching very soon. In light of this, players have been experimenting with Sims 4 apartments that already exist in the game to see just how far they can push customisation. We’re all for it! Who doesn’t love more customisation in a life simulation game, right?

Upgrade your Sims 4 apartments with these clever building tricks!

Clever and inquisitive Simmers on X (formerly Twitter) such as SilthulhuSims and haus_of_nando have discovered new ways to customise Sims 4 apartments in both City Living and Eco Lifestyle following yesterday’s patch that allowed players to edit the windows in apartments. Spoiler Alert: It’s not just windows. In fact, there’s a LOT that can be done on the exterior of Sims 4 apartments!

Customise Sims 4 Apartments Like Never Before!

Simmers like SilthulhuSims and haus_of_nando have discovered after yesterday’s update that they can place various objects both below and above their Sims 4 apartments on the outside of the building. It’s not just windows that can be added or replaced! See for yourself!

A Laundromat in Evergreen Harbour!

While windows, doors, and balconies of apartments in Eco Lifestyle are still very much stuck to their original spots and can’t be edited, Nando’s found out that the roof andE parts of the building below the active units can be customised!

He has created a fully functional laundromat in the empty shell of the ground floor of this apartment in Evergreen Harbour! How amazing is that? I always did hate that the whole ground floor of these buildings were a total waste of space in a game where the worlds are already too small to begin with. Imagine living in this Evergreen Harbour apartment and having a laundromat right downstairs, saving space on those appliances in your unit! Now you don’t have to imagine it anymore. It can be a reality.

You can take a closer look at Nando’s screenshot examples below! Just click on an image to enlarge it.

Also notice how Nando has added solar panels to the roof and changed a section of the roof to glass! He’s also made some very bendy, twisty stairs to show off that even the staircases are customisable now! We have to admit, the apartments that came with Eco Lifetyle were pretty lackluster and underwhelming but we might have to give customising them in this way a try to make them more fun to live in.

A private staircase to your apartment? Why not?!

Eco Lifestyle is not the only expansion pack to get this glow up for apartments. San Myshuno, the urban metropolis that came with the City Living expansion pack has gotten new life breathed into it as well. SilthulhuSims shows off just how much you can do to the exterior of the San Myshuno apartment buildings now!

If you want a separate staircase entrance to your apartment unit in San Myshuno, you can absolutely do that now! Of course, this example above looks a bit crazy but it’s a great example of some of the possibilities for customising your apartments in City Living now. You could build fire escapes, fancy private entrances, and so much more to glam up an apartment now.

And if you want to give your City Living apartments a glow up without doing a lot of construction work, that’s also possible! See how SilthulhuSims has added faux balconies, air conditioning units, vents, and flower boxes to the outside of this apartment building. It looks so much better compared to the buildings on either side now.

The Limitations of Apartment Customisation

But, as usual, there are still some limitations and drawbacks to what is possible when customising apartments in The Sims 4. SilthulhuSims found that while they could edit many things below their apartment unit, everything above their unit was often not editable.

You also can’t edit the communal hallways inside apartment buildings or the balconies of the apartments in Evergreen Harbour.

No, not in the communal hallways of CL apartments, and not the balcony areas of the EL apartments, but on the surrounding “lot” ground floor you can, and the EL Stonestreet apartments you can modify the whole lower half.

SilthulhuSims on X

It’s not all bad news, though! While the communal hallways are for the most part, uneditable, we do have the ability to use the eye dropper tool on objects in the communal hallways now to help us match the style of our apartments to the hallways.

You can also now eye-dropper from items that are in the communal hallways in the CL apartments, so I wonder if they did semi-unlock them and decide against unlocking them fully after some playtesting? Idk, seems like an interesting change though.

SilthulhuSims on X

It’s a bummer that we still can’t put objects in the communal hallways of the San Myshuno apartments or edit the balconies of the Evergreen Harbour apartments but this new building freedom on apartment lots is still a huge step in the right direction. We hope The Sims Team takes note of how much players love this newfound freedom and continue to expand upon it in the future!

Curious about the evolution of apartments in The Sims series over the years? Check out a full timeline of how apartments have changed from the early days to today!

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