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Sims 4 Beard Beard Cave Guide: Tomarang’s Best Kept Secret!

Sims 4 For Rent Cave Guide

For Simmers who want a taste of adventure in Tomarang, they’ll get their fill of danger and excitement in The Sims 4 Beard Beard Cave in the For Rent expansion! What is Beard Beard Cave, you ask? Why, it’s only Tomarang’s best kept secret! Literally. It’s so secret, it’s not even accessible from land. You’ll have quite a trek and a swim to make if you want to find it.

Explore the Sims 4 Beard Beard Cave for lore and collectibles!

If you’re having trouble finding the Sims 4 Beard Beard Cave, don’t worry! We’ve got a handy map guide for you as well as detailed written instructions on how to get there. We’ll also break down some of what you can expect when you step inside the cave and what items you can find in there.

Sims 4 Beard Beard Cave Guide

Adventure and treasures await you in Beard Beard Cave! Read on to learn how to find the cave and all it has to offer inside!

How to Find Beard Beard Cave

If you’re struggling to find Beard Beard Cave, don’t feel bad. It’s not you. It really is hard to find. The reason Beard Beard Cave is so difficult to locate is because it’s not accessible by land. Your Sims will need to swim to it. Not only that, but your Sims will need to swim across a very large body of water to get to it and then make a trek through the woods to find it. Beard Beard Cave is probably the most difficult hidden location to find in The Sims 4.

Luckily, we did find Beard Beard Cave for you and we took the time to mark out the best route to take to get to it on a map. Handy, right? Thanks! We think so, too!

Sims 4 Beard Beard Cave Guide
Map to Beard Beard Cave. Follow the route marked out in the image.

Beard Beard Cave is located across the large river in the Koh Sahpa neighbourhood of Tomarang. The most straight forward starting point to get to it is the Residential lot where the Bun Ma premade household lives. Behind the Bun Ma home, there is a small path leading down to a tiny beach area. Follow that path to the shore and then swim across the river in a southwest direction to another beachy area on the other side. This is a huge expanse of water to cover so make sure your Sim is not already tired before starting their swim or they could become exhausted and drown before they reach the other side.

Once you reach the beach on the other side of the river, you’ll see a sandy foot path leading through a section of palm trees. Follow that path to take a shortcut to another beach. This beach is where the entrance to Beard Beard Cave is.

Beard Beard Cave Adventures

Cave Entrance

Like most of the secret spots in The Sims 4, Beard Beard Cave is a rabbithole location, so once your Sims step inside the cave, they will disappear and you won’t be able to follow them inside to see the cave for yourself. However, you will be able to follow along with your Sims’ adventures via choose-your-own-adventure style popups. These popups have pretty art and sound effects to help set the scene.

Did You Hear That?

There are a number of different scenarios your Sims can encounter inside the Sims 4 Beard Beard Cave. In each scenario, you’ll get one or more opportunities to decide what your Sim will do next. Some outcomes result in nothing but disappointment but others might surprise you with something cool! Your Sims can also receive positive or negative moodlets from the cave, depending on how their adventure went.

Hidden Tunnel

Since there are many different scenarios your Sims can find themselves in inside the cave, we can’t give an exact guide where we tell you to pick such-and-such option to get a specific result. However, we have explored the Sims 4 Beard Beard Cave many times ourselves and a piece of advice we can give you is not to be afraid to pick the riskier-sounding option. More often than not, choosing the more dangerous path yields better rewards and good outcomes.

Beard Beard Cave Rewards

If you played your cards right inside the cave, your Sims may walk out with knowledge or cool items. Some cave adventures reveal fascinating lore about the world and history of Tomarang. Players who want to learn everything they can about this new world and the Sims in it shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to go cave exploring here. It’s a treasure trove of interesting information.

Lore and Tassel Rewards

And if you’re looking to complete your tassel collection, you’ll want to make the long trip to the Sims 4 Beard Beard Cave, too. We found a bunch of tassels in different colours during our cave spelunking expeditions. It’s a good way to finish your collection if you’re missing tassels you just can’t find anywhere else.

Need more info on where the Bun Ma household lives so you can start your Sims 4 Beard Beard Cave journey? Check out our Meet the Residents article!

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