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A Sims 4 Pet Adoption Drive Offers Fun Cross Pack Play!

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The Sims Team has been getting better and better with cross-pack integration in recent years and the Sims 4 Pet Adoption Drive event is a perfect example of that. While the For Rent expansion pack focuses on relationships between humans living in close quarters and therefore does not include any pets, it’s hard to imagine life without pets, whether in an apartment or… pretty much anywhere else. They’re as much a part of our lives as our friends and neighbours are.

Sims 4 Pet Adoption Drive

Help boost your unit rating and make friends with cute animals at the same time!

Players who own both the For Rent expansion and the Cats & Dogs expansion will enjoy some extra gameplay connected with living on a Residential Rental property. Along with a No Pets tenant rule landlords can enforce for their owned units, there is also a Pet Adoption Drive event that can happen spontaneously on Residential Rental lots.

Sims 4 Pet Adoption Drive Event Guide

Learn all about how the Sims 4 Pet Adoption Drive works in For Rent. When it happens, the goals you need to complete, and the rewards for having a great Pet Adoption Drive!

Start a Pet Adoption Drive

Residential Rental Event

If you were hoping to just pull out your cell phone and throw a Pet Adoption Drive social event, sorry to disappoint you but you won’t be able to host a Pet Adoption Drive at will whenever you want. Pet Adoption Drives are a random event that can happen on Residential Rental properties if the player owns both For Rent and Cats and Dogs. If you don’t have the Cats and Dogs expansion pack, you won’t see this event happen on your Residential Rental lots.

You’ll know when a Sims 4 Pet Adoption Drive is starting on your Residential Rental when you see a Pet Adoption Drive popup in the top right hand corner while in Live Mode. This will start a timed event with a main goal to complete before the timer runs out.

Complete the Pet Adoption Drive Goal

As soon as the event starts, cats and dogs will start spawning on the Residential Rental lot. Be aware that the cats and dogs will waltz uninvited into your unit unless you have your doors locked to pets, so make sure you do that if you don’t wish to have your unit overrun by fuzzy critters. Personally, that sounds like heaven on earth to me, but hey, you do you.

A Sim introducing herself to a dog

The Sims 4 Pet Adoption Drive event is thankfully very easy to complete. All you have to do is pet cats and/or dogs 5 times and your Residential Rental lot will be full of cats and dogs to pet! You should have plenty of time to finish this event and its one singular main goal.

You can befriend any pets that are on your Residential Rental during the event but Sims and pets cannot be added to the active household with an event running. This means that you won’t have the option to actually adopt any of the pets during the Sims 4 Pet Adoption Drive. However, once the event ends, you will be able to call any befriended pets back to the lot via the relationship panel and adopt them then.

Pet Adoption Drive Rewards

Pet Adoption Drive Rewards

When the event ends, all the pets on the lot will leave. If you completed the goal of petting the cats and/or dogs 5 times during the event, you’ll be rewarded with a significant boost to your unit rating!

There are no object rewards for completing this event but you will get the heartwarming satisfaction of knowing you helped spur interest in adopting shelter animals and you might even get a new furry family member of your own in your household!

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