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This Magical Sims 4 Nursery CC is a Dream for any Little One

Sims 4 Nursery CC Set

If you’re a Simmer who likes to play with families, the in-game selection of kids items can seem lacking. Luckily, Sims 4 nursery CC can come to the rescue! Syboulette makes some incredible Maxis-Mix custom content for The Sims 4, including several nursery and children’s bedroom sets. Her latest nursery set is called Enchanted Dreams and it’s aptly named because it is definitely an enchanting dream!

This whimsical nursery set will elevate your little Sims’ bedrooms!

What is Maxis-Mix CC, you ask? Basically, Maxis-Mix means custom content that almost matches The Sims 4’s art style but has a touch more realism to it, too. Maxis-Mix items stand out amongst the basic EA selection but don’t look so out of place that they’re jarring to look at. Many players love Maxis-Mix CC for its skillful balance between stylised and realistic.

Enchanted Dreams Sims 4 Nursery CC

SYB EnchantedDreamsNurseryCC Example1

The Enchanted Dreams nursery set comes with plenty of new items (both functional and decorative) for infants, toddlers, and children. The theme of the set is a rustic, woodsy nature vibe and we can’t get enough of it. Any kid would be lucky to have a bedroom like this. We had so much fun putting together a quick little bedroom setup using this set, as you can see in the example above and below.

SYB EnchantedDreamsNurseryCC Example2

Almost every item in the set comes in 8 or more swatches, ranging from a light green to pastel blues, pinks, reds, yellows, and even black, so there’s a good variety of styles to suit any taste and any bedroom. We were really impressed by how customisable so many of the pieces are and how many of these items are functional. The baby stroller can actually have infants placed in it like a crib, and it’s portable so it can be dragged around anywhere in Live Mode!

SYB EnchantedDreamsNurseryCC Example3

We also can’t get enough of the stunning wallpaper that comes with this Sims 4 nursery CC. There are so many swatches and each swatch paints a beautiful forest scene in your child’s bedroom in all seasons. It’s absolutely breathtaking and we can see ourselves using it everywhere, not just in a baby nursery. We also love that Syboulette has made the infant crib and curtain over it as two separate pieces, so you can choose whether you want the curtain or not. The curtain and ceiling lights also come in all three wall heights!

The rustic science table is super adorable, and we appreciate Syboulette giving us as much gameplay with this pack as possible. The lunch box is usable, the stroller is usable, the infant playmat is usable, the decorative books can be stacked on top of each other, and the dresser comes both on its own and as a changing table. It’s clear that a lot of love, thought, and attention to detail went into creating this Sims 4 nursery CC.

SYB EnchantedDreamsNurseryCC Example4

Object Previews

If you want a close up look at every item in this Sims 4 nursery CC set in every swatch, we have the in-game previews right here!

Download the Enchanted Dreams Nursery

This Sims 4 nursery CC is absolutely incredible and definitely staying in our game for good. The Enchanted Dreams Nursery is base game compatible; however, the changing table and infant playmat require Growing Together in order to be functional. They are just decoration if Growing Together is not installed.

You can download this set for free right now on Syboulette’s website. Just click the button below to be taken right to the download page!

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