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The Sims Forums: Important Information Regarding Upcoming Closure

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The Sims Forums have been integral to the community for many years. It has always been the place to go for storytelling, mods and custom content updates, information on the latest The Sims patches, and so much more.

However, later this year, The Sims Forums as we currently know them will close and will be moving to a new forums site, the EA Forums. This new forum platform will be launching in July 2024. More detailed information will be shared nearer the time.

Did you know that It has been over fourteen years since the forums first launched?

The Sims Forums

A Message from EA_Cade

EA_Cade, a community manager for Electronic Arts, broke the news to The Sims Forum on February 12th, 2024. The announcement detailed everything players and community members need to know regarding the move.

Read the full announcement from EA_Cade below:

Sul Sul Simmers,

We have an important announcement to share regarding the future of The Sims Forums. Over the past 14 years we’ve been lucky enough to share this forum destination with you as a place to discuss The Sims across various titles, share your screenshots, feedback, guides, and most importantly, tell your stories.

These forums are showing their age, and are no longer representative of the community experience we wish to share with you. After careful consideration, we have decided to close The Sims Forums by July 2024 and replace it with a new forums site – to be called EA forums – going live this July.

Rest assured, select content from The Sims Forums will be carried over to this new site and the migration criteria for the content can be found below. This move aims to provide you with a more seamless and engaging environment to connect, share, and collaborate with fellow players, and the EA Community team. I speak for the team when I share that we all look forward to continuing our relationship together on our new site in July.

Please read more below about timing and next steps to take when posting to the forums.


What’s Happening Next

The Sims Forums will remain open to you until July 2024 when EA forums launches.

Please make note of the following dates and instructions from now until we’re live on the new site:

  • Any content posted on The Sims Forums after March 12, 2024 will NOT be migrated over to the new EA forums.
  • We’ll migrate content posted between October 18, 2022 and March 12, 2024 in addition to select content from the nominations thread mentioned below. We will make every effort to ensure that data will port over.
  • If you’ve posted on The Sims Forums and you want to ensure your content is available on the new EA forums site, please follow the steps below.
  • If you have an AHQ account, you will be able to use it on EA forums when the new site goes live.
  • All badges and ranks from The Sims Forums will not be ported over to the new forum site. Participants with an AHQ account will continue to retain AHQ stats. We will however be looking to implement ways to highlight your contributions from The Sims Forums.
  • In July 2024, The Sims Forums will be permanently closed and will no longer be accessible. Anyone trying to access The Sims Forums using the original URL will be redirected to The Sims section on the new EA forums site.

Also, we’d love to invite you to join our recently created Discord community, where we host monthly events, shell challenges, support multiple languages, and host plenty of Sims discussions. Join here:

The Migration of Threads from The Sims Forums to the New EA forums

To preserve the legacy of The Sims Forums, we will be automatically migrating threads that feature activity and were created after The Sims 4 base game went free to play on October 18, 2022 up until March 12, 2024.

  • If there’s a thread created before Oct. 18, 2022 you’d like to nominate for migration, please nominate it here.
  • If the author of any thread does not have their original post migrated, none of the replies to that post will migrate either.
  • Additionally, any uploaded images, videos, or GIFs will not be migrated over.
  • If you linked something via URL, that URL will be migrated over.
  • Any content that’s important to you can be manually copied and pasted to the AHQ Sims forums
  • If you do not wish to have your content migrated to the new EA forums, or for any questions or concerns related to forum privacy, please see our privacy policy here.

How to Ensure Your Content from The Sims Forums Will Be Migrated Over

  1. Please check the email address(s) associated with your The Sims Forums account. Is this the same email address on your EA account?
    • If no, please proceed to step 2
    • If yes, please jump ahead to step 3
  2. If the email on your The Sims Forums account does not match the email on your EA account OR if you do not have an EA account, please modify the email addresses to ensure they are matching on both accounts OR please create an EA account with a matching email address.
  3. Please ensure you have an account on Answers HQ. You can do so by signing in or registering on Answers HQ with your EA account. Your account on Answers HQ will be carried over to the new EA forums site.
  4. Once this is complete and you’ve ensured your The Sims Forums and EA accounts have matching email addresses AND that you’ve signed into Answers HQ with your EA account, then your The Sims Forums content will be migrated over onto the new forums site whenever it goes live and the content will be associated with your forums account.

Please complete these steps before March 7 to ensure your forum content is migrated.

via EA_Cade on The Sims Forums

You can read the full forum post as well as all the replies here.

Important Dates for The Sims Forums Closure

Several notable dates are mentioned within the announcement that The Sims Forums users need to remember and keep in mind ahead of the July move.

  • July 2024 (specific date to be announced) is when the The Sims Forums will close and move to the EA Forums
  • After March 12th 2024, any new posts will not be migrated over to the EA Forums.
  • Posts created between 18th October 2022 and 12th March 2024 will be migrated over. Posts that fall before the October 2022 date can be nominated to possibly be migrated.
  • 7th March 2024 is the last day The Sims Forums members can ensure their account information is up to date ahead of the migration in July.

Community Reactions

Naturally, there are some concerns from the community with this latest news for The Sims Forums. Not only is it the end of an era for many Simmers, but there are concerns that this might be a repeat of when players began to move from Origin to the EA App. As the saying somewhat goes, if it’s not broken, why change or try to fix it?

Additionally, there were some questions raised by forum users which EA_Cade has gone on to answer Some of the questions relate to future forum formatting and whether images will be carried over. The Community Manager has been proactive in responding to the questions from forum members with full response breakdowns in the latter part of the thread.

The Future of The Sims Forums

Even though it is sad to see The Sims Forums close after all these years, we here at Sims Community, like many others have our fingers crossed for a smooth transition. However, despite The Sims Forums being one of the most active EA game-related forums, it does make you wonder if there is more to this migration than just moving it all to a new EA Forum. Only time will tell we guess!

Let us know your thoughts on the news of The Sims Forums closing down and moving to a new platform in the comments section below!

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