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The Sims 4 Garage and Storage CC Pack: Complete Overview

Sims 4 Garage and Storage CC Pack

Love to build garages but frustrated with the lack of suitable items in the build catalogue? The Sims 4 Garage and Storage CC Pack by Max20 can solve that age old problem for you! This Garage CC Pack contains everything from shelving and storage to garage décor, garage doors, and even cars to fill up any garage, big or small!

Before you ask, no, the cars are not functional but they sure do look great in a garage! A garage just doesn’t look like a garage without a car in it, right?

Deck out a cool garage with this Maxis Match set!

If you’re more than ready to upgrade your Sims’ garage, you’ve come to the right place! While the items in this Sims 4 Garage CC Pack are themed around decorating a garage, we think many of these items could also complement a workshop or backyard shed as well, so there’s some versatility in these items.

The Sims 4 Garage and Storage CC Pack
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What’s included in The Sims 4 Garage and Storage

This CC set contains a total of 26 items. Most of the items have anywhere between 3 and 10 swatches, depending on the object, but some of the items, like the garage doors, have many more swatch combinations you can play around with.

Many of the décor items are stackable, like the plastic storage containers, and some items are modular such as the wall-mounted tool rack with different pieces that can be mixed and matched together. There’s also a matching set of cabinets and counters and five different decorative vehicles, ranging from an old beat-up junker to a luxury sports car.

Catalogue Overview

Below are all the catalogue entries for each item in this Sims 4 Garage CC Pack. You can see the previews for each object in the set, their descriptions, and simoleon value.

Swatch Previews

Here’s an up close and personal look at every item in The Sims 4 Garage and Storage CC Pack in all available swatches. As you can see, there’s a good variety of swatches for almost every item, especially the garage doors. You won’t have any problems finding a garage door that matches the aesthetic of the exterior of your home with this kind of selection!

Our Thoughts

We love CC sets that fill in a niche gap in the CAS or Build/Buy catalogues. Because The Sims 4 does not have functional cars, The Sims Team has not put much focus at all on garage spaces. Simmers who want to create a garage space for realism in their Sims’ homes have to jump through hoops to design and furnish them.

Max20’s Garage & Storage set makes things easier on builders who struggle to fill out their garage spaces. It fills in a glaring gap in the Build/Buy catalogue and offers items that are unique and specific to a theme the game really has ignored completely for eight years now. We love that everything is Maxis Match and that so many of the pieces have added customisability, like the modular tool display rack and stackable storage containers.

There’s no question about it; if you’re a builder who likes adding garages to the homes you build, you need this CC set in your game yesterday! It’s going to elevate the space and make creating the garage of your dreams so much easier. No more using cheats and downloading Gallery art that looks like garage doors! You have everything you need right in your Build catalogue already.

How to Download The Sims 4 Garage CC Set

This Sims 4 Garage and Storage CC Pack is currently in early access for Max20’s supporters. You can subscribe to heir Patreon to gain instant access to this set or check back in a week or two to see when it becomes available to everyone for free!

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