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It’s time for a Paralives news roundup; one of The Sims’ biggest competitors! Although the game is not yet released, it has been in development for several years now with an expected early access release in 2025. There’s been a lot of news rolling out about the game from the Paralives developers so let’s go through all the latest news together!

Paralives News

Check out what’s new with Paralives!

The Live Mode reveal for Paralives was a pretty big deal. It was the first time players got to see gameplay outside of character creation and build mode. But that’s not all Paralives has been talking about recently. We’ve also gotten some new info about food and fashion in the game so you won’t want to miss out on this Paralives news!

Paralives News Roundup

If you’re looking for a detailed summary of everything that’s been happening in the world of Paralives in recent weeks, you’re in the right place! Catch up on all the latest Paralives news right here.

Live Mode Preview

A few weeks ago, Paralives unveiled its Live Mode for the first time. This was huge Paralives news because up until that point, all players had seen of the game so far was character creation and build mode. Understandably, players were excited to see what actually playing the game would be like.

Creating Characters

The reveal was seven and a half minutes long and showed off quite a bit for such a short time frame. We’re introduced to a character and shown how we can customise aspects of their personality directly in-game. Bills were also shown, which might not be interesting in itself but what is interesting is how bills are broken down. Utilities have an individual breakdown and unemployed characters receive a small benefit to help them stay afloat, which is a nice touch, although this might make rags to riches playthroughs a bit more difficult.

Characters can look for jobs while walking around town and interacting with job posting signs in business windows. Unlike The Sims, characters can’t just apply for any job. Jobs require application points. Entry level jobs require less application points than higher paid positions. Your characters can’t apply to jobs they don’t have enough application points for.

Paralives Jobs

Employed characters earn both money and upgrade points by going to work. Job upgrades can be a position raise or simply a perk that will help keep your character happy at work or do their job more effectively.

When it comes to skills, characters won’t just learn one skill at a time. They’ll also gain knowledge in a broader subject. For example, playing the guitar will build your skill with that particular instrument but it will also build your knowledge of music in general. The more knowledge you have in a subject, the faster you’ll build skills in all skills related to that subject.

Paralives Skills

All of that Paralives news sounds great of course but one of Paralives’ most powerful Live Mode tools is the multi-select tool. By clicking and dragging, you’ll be able to select multiple characters at once, whether they’re in your household or not, and direct that entire group of people to do something together as a group. Including talking to each other!

Socialising with someone fills up what’s called the “Together Bar.” When that bar fills up, you’ll get a socialisation card that will help you steer the relationship in the direction you want. You’ll unlock new relationship labels with people as you continue to build that relationship. Characters can also socialise while doing activities together, such as exercising. It’s beneficial to build relationships because townies can take the initiative to ask you things, such as offering you a better job.

Interactions in Paralives

Oh, and remember when we mentioned being able to edit your character’s personality in game? Well, as you navigate Live Mode and build relationships, you can upgrade their personality. A character’s vibe is their overall personality and general disposition. You get to select this early on but as you play through Live Mode, you’ll be able to upgrade that vibe with an evolution which will provide your character with new perks and benefits.

Paralives will have Free Expansions

Okay all of that Paralives news sounds amazing but won’t a game like that be just as bogged down with paid DLC as The Sims? Well, actually… nope! While we expect the base game will cost money to purchase, the Paralives team has promised that the game will never have any paid DLC whatsoever. All expansions will be free! So it’s a “buy once and get everything forever” kind of deal which is pretty unheard of in today’s gaming industry.


While perhaps not quite as exciting Paralives news as everything discussed in the Live Mode preview, foodies are sure to appreciate it. Paralives recently showed off a wide variety of dishes that you can prepare and eat in the game. Many were quick to point out not just the huge variety but also the high detail of the dishes shown. It’s been a long time complaint of Sims players that most of the food looks blurry and pixelated close up. Not the case here from what we’ve seen!


Paralives Fashion Preview

Character customisation will of course be a significant aspect of the game but the Paralives team went a step further in showing off that customisation with a small preview of items on a masculine character. This character is dressed in clothes that are both traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine in the preview so it’s safe to presume that gender norms won’t be a thing in Paralives. Probably a good move, as The Sims and many other games have made the shift to more gender-inclusive terminology and fashion.

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