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OFFICIAL LEAK: Sims 4 Party Essentials and Urban Homage Kits

Sims 4 Official Leak Kits

Here’s the first look at new The Sims 4 Kits releasing in April 2024!

Woops! An EA Creator has accidentally leaked the theme of two upcoming Sims 4 Kits on Twitter.

All including the official names and the first screenshots! According to the giveaway advertisement posted by the official EA creator @Nick_Baker777, the two upcoming Kits are called Party Essentials and Urban Homage. Each being $4.99USD (or a price equivalent to your country).

Take a first look at the new Kits below:

The Sims 4 Party Essentials Kit

The Party Essentials Kit is a Build Kit, consisting of new celebratory objects in Build Mode. From Balloons, Disco Balls and Neon Signs to all kinds of Clutter, Confetti and more. Oh, and a Smoke Machine!

Take a first look:

The Sims 4 Party Essentials Kit

Editor’s Note: The picture above contains a fixup of the OP’s accidental red markup over the image. You can find the original here:

sims 4 party essentials og

The Sims 4 Urban Homage Kit

The Sims 4 Urban Homage Kit is a CAS Kit, consisting of new cultural Create A Sim fashion and looks for your Sims to celebrate diversity.

Take a first look at the new CAS items below:

Sims 4 Urban Homage Kit

It all matches the Roadmap!

The Sims 4 Party Essentials and Urban Homage Kit are the last piece of the paid content puzzle for the first Sims 4 Roadmap of 2024. As teased in January, the two remaining Kits were teased as “One Celebratory Kit” and “One Co-Created Style Kit”. So the leak from the EA Affiliate seems to only further confirm this.

And the Release Date?

The release date for the new Sims 4 Kits coming out in April are not officially confirmed. However, the EA Affiliate did suggest that their giveaway for the upcoming Sims 4 Kits ends on 18th of April. Which could be the farthest speculated date for the joint release of these two Kits.

We’ll know more about the official release date and time this in the coming days. Stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Sims 4 Kits? Join the conversation in the comments below and stay tuned for the latest Sims 4 News and Updates!

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