Site Update: Assets Section is now Finished!


We’re happy to announce that our Assets section is now completely finished! We gathered all info, logo’s, boxarts, screens and more as much as we could find/get.

Site Update: Assets Section is now Finished!

It wasn’t an easy job to find and upload Assets for The Sims 1 Series, but it’s done. Some of The Sims 1 Expansion Pack Screens and Renders may seem exclusive to you since they aren’t findable on the internet. There are also some Concept Arts of The Sims Vacation that are worth of checking out.

Some Renders and logo’s are uploaded in .jpg Picture format because removing the white background takes a lot of work. If you need a certain Logo or Render in .png format without a white background, please send us an e-mail:

As new games from Maxis/Electronic Arts (related to Simulation games) are announced, we’ll make new Asset pages for them.

List of Assets:

The Sims 1:

The Sims 2

Expansion Packs:

Stuff Packs:

The Sims 3

Expansion Packs:

Stuff Packs:


The Sims 4




The Sims Stories:

The Sims Medieval:

Facebook Games:


SimCity 4:

SimCity Societies:



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