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I’m happy to announce our latest project that’s currently in development – Sims Community Magazine! In the last month we’ve been working really hard to create just a concept of this Magazine. My biggest task was to make it unique, which means it had to stand out from The Sims Official Magazine.

This Magazine won’t be made by just 1-2 people. It’s task is to show how other Simmers think about a certain aspect of this Community or about a certain aspect of Sims. That’s where you come along. If you want to participate in this Magazine, you’ll need to create and tell various stories and moments from both Real Life and Sims.

Sections for Sims Community Magazine will be announced on 29th of December. After they’re announced, you can e-mail us with your reportage for a section you’d like to participate in.

Right now, I’m looking for 1-2 people (Co-Directors) that are willing to help me out with the general concept of this magazine.

Co-Director Requirements:

  • Good English Language Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • In this Community for at least 1 year

If you want to become a Co-Director, send us your application on our e-mail: with a few sentences on your skills and qualities.

And now, I’m proud to present the cover of our first Issue of our Magazine that will be releasing somewhere around January 2014. Please note that some sections and pictures may change on our final cover.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Sims Community Magazine?

A: Sims Community Magazine is a Magazine that helps to connect other Simmers around the world by working together and telling their Stories via both Sims Game and Real Life events.

Q: Is this Magazine only about The Sims/SimCity Franchise?

A: Nope. Although there are lots of Sims-related Sections, this Magazine will also include Sections and Articles that are related to Simmers and their preferences, what they like/dislike and some tips for them.

Q: Who can participate in the creating process of this Magazine?

A: Basically everyone who has the will and creativity for this task. All I require from Simmers who want to participate in this is to have some Basic Knowledge of English Language and a Sims Game installed.

Q: Is this Magazine free?

A: Absolutely! It will be viewable on our site + there will be a downloadable version of this Magazine. If you prefer physical magazines you can then always print it out.

Q: When will the first issue be released?

A: Probably somewhere in mid-January 2014.

Q: How often will new issues of this Magazine be released?

A: It all depends on how many Simmers want to participate in this project since I can’t do it all by myself. If a small amount of Simmers wants to join this project then new issues of this Magazine will be released every 2 Months, but if a lot of people want to participate, then you can expect new issue every Month!

NOTE: To clarify the ”participate in our Magazine” sentence, we mean that you send us your Screens/Text that are related to a certain Article. You won’t be writing the full Article, you will only be a part of it by sharing your interesting Story or Moment. Only 1-2 Co-Directors will help me out with the general concept of this Magazine.

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