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5 Reasons why Nightlife-themed Pack could return to The Sims 4 soon

Please note that the following article is pure speculation / rumor!

The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack released 4 months ago and some simmers have already found solid evidence what the next Expansion Pack could be all about. Here’s why Nightlife could be the next Expansion/Game Pack for The Sims 4!

1. That leaked Concept Art that we found in November

Senior Designer for The Sims 4 published many of his works he did for the game, including some of the content that, to this day, are still unpublished. One of the object models / concept arts he leaked by accident was the DJ Booth that you can find below.


2. Not-so-mysterious tweet by SimGuruTrev

After putting the puzzle pieces together, simmers on The Sims Forum somehow managed to crack the mysterious tweet by SimGuruTrev that he recently posted.

There’s no confirmation to if the following statement simmers cracked is real, but it sure looks like it is!

I’m really excited to show off the DJ BOOTH!! ######## DANCING in The Sims?! Yup! It pairs well with the DISCO BALLS, too!! – MsPhy


3. DJ Booth code found in Game Files

Elelunicy recently found a code string inside The Sims 4 game files that mentions a DJ Booth.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?><I c=”GameObject” i=”object” m=”objects.game_object” n=”object_djbooth” s=”14868″><L n=”_super_affordances”/></I>

It’s found in the combined XML tuning files for the base game (object\S4_B61DE6B4_00000000_0000000000003A14.xml).” 

4. Even older Concept Art

Back when The Sims 4 was called The Sims Olympus (from 2008 to 2012), producers were exploring with concept arts and flash mock-ups. Patrick Kelly, who worked on interactive UI mock-ups, published his early UI mock-up that contained one of the concepts from the game. We don’t know yet, but The Sims Team might just be putting some of the features and ideas you can see in the concept down below for their next Pack.


 5. Base Game Worlds are suspiciously close to City-like backdrops

Am I the only one who thinks these backdrops are actually saying something?!

07-03-15_9-31 PM

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  • I think #5 is reason enough. Each town gets closer to the city. Newcrest is so close a sim could lick the city from their house (Okay maybe not, but you get it) XD. I hope this is the next expansion pack! If it’s not, then hopefully a generation type pack with Toddlers and stuff :)

    • They’ve said somewhere (not sure when) that they were not going to rush the toddlers, and they will be free to everyone so I doubt they’ll ever come in a Generations type pack. They’ll just be another free update. I think it’s for the best, too- putting up a paywall for something so many people have wanted back in the game would be stupid and very counter-productive, especially considering the amount of criticism the game has already garnered. And, really the more time they have to prepare the toddlers, the better the content will be. They will come in time.

      And personally I’m hoping for something similar to Generations (it will probably be called something blase like ‘Family Life’) that has lots of things that specifically tailor to casual and/or legacy players, cus there’s a lot of them. That’d be cool. They could even combine that with something like a Pets pack, though depending on the amount of content the Generations pack gave us it might be asking for a bit much.

  • I think the word before dancing is ballroom. It goes well with disco balls, maybe a prom? Or am I just reaching far here?