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The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight: Top 5 Creations by Simified

07 04 15 12 53 AM


Talented and creative Sims 4 builder Arthur (from shares his top 5 creations with us that he created for The Sims 4!

The Grey Tumbler (Download Here)

The Grey Tumbler is an ultra modern and high-end family home! See how it was built at #Simified #Modern #Home #Family

Value: §93,653
Size: 30×20
Lot Type: Residental
Required Packs: Get to Work, Luxury Party

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101 Midtown Way (Download Here)

101 Midtown Way is an all on one floor family home! See how it was built at #BuildNewcrest #Simified #Modern #Newcrest

Value: §139,456
Size: 40×30
Lot Type: Residental
Required Packs: Get to Work

07-04-15_12-19 AM 07-04-15_12-19 AM-2 07-04-15_12-20 AM

Newcrest Theater Plaza (Download Here)

Newcrest Theater Plaza is a movie theater, bookstore, and cafe & bakery! See it built at: #Simified #Newcrest #BuildNewcrest #GetToWork #GTW #Theater #Bakery

Value: §172,832
Size: 40×30
Lot Type: Retail
Required Packs: Get to Work

07-04-15_12-33 AM 07-04-15_12-34 AM 07-04-15_12-35 AM

Top Llama High School (Download Here)

Top Llama High School for Willow Creek. Require the Go to School mod. See how this was built at #Simified #GettoWork #School #Mod

Value: §425,559
Size: 40×30
Lot Type: School
Required Packs: Go to School Mod, Get to Work

07-04-15_12-53 AM 07-04-15_12-53 AM-2 07-04-15_12-54 AM

MadScience Labs (Download Here)

MadScience Labs is an ultra modern science facility that conducts experiments on things, well… out of this world. #Simifed #GettoWork #Scientist #GTW #Career

Value: §372,510
Size: 50×50
Lot Type: Science Facility
Required Packs: Get to Work

07-04-15_1-10 AM 07-04-15_1-11 AM-2 07-04-15_1-12 AM

You can follow Simified and his work on:


You can show off your own Sims creations! Click Here for more info!

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