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Is The Sims Superstar Coming to Sims 4?

With all the speculation surrounding what will be revealed at this years Gamescom (which starts August 5) we may have gotten our first official clue, and it’s a big one. The Sims Poland Facebook just posted a video on their page featuring a woman modeling in The Sims Superstar. The caption for the video translates to “Lights, camera, action! Is your Sim ready for … being a star?”

I don’t know about you, but I sure take that as a hint of what’s to come. Especially with the inclusion of the winky face.

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  • I dont know, as the norwegian fan page been posting stuff on thursdays as trowback thursday which includes sims 1 stuff.
    And could be they are doing something similiar just trowback tuesday? lol either way i want family pack or something just so i can get my darn toddlers already :P

    • I would totally believe it was a throwback post if they didn’t make the comment what they did, especially with the winky face at the end.