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How to Create an Amazing Bathroom in The Sims 4

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The Sims has posted a tutorial on how to build the perfect bathroom. Read a snippet below and then follow the link to read the Full Article.

Don’t Forget the Towels!

If you’ve opened up The Gallery, you’ve likely seen some amazing creations, from absurd mansions to mind-bending homes. And we often see the same question: how do they do that?! Which is why we started Builder Tips, which gives members of the community a chance to teach you how they build the amazing things you can find on The Gallery.

Today, we wanted to start with one of the most important rooms in the house: the bathroom! We invited popular builder Zita1966 to write up some tips on creating an amazing bathroom in The Sims 4. Below is her guide!

Thank you for the invite, I am truly honored. Even though I do consider myself as a very versatile builder, I do like to build my bathrooms to be easy accessible and playable. Most of all, they need to look realistic, like in a real life house.


I created the above bathroom in these easy five steps:

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I'm an aspiring indie screenwriter that can't stop simming long enough to be productive. Aside from sims, my hobbies include writing, eating, sleeping, not exercising, and loving turtles.

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