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The Sims Video Spotlight: #3



Hi guys, welcome back to another sims video spotlight, and hello October! This week I tried to include some more Autumn and Halloween inspired videos so I hope you enjoy those and that it helps get you in the mood for this lovely season! Please note most of these videos include CC and mods seeing as we don’t have much seasonal content for the Sims 4 yet, but it’s coming I’m sure! *Excited*


The Sims 4 | Autumn Family CAS

By Snow Enchanted

Let’s kick things off with two themed Create-A-Sim videos. The first being an Autumn family, who in my opinion look nice and cozy in their jumpers and hats! I wanted to include this one not only because Snow Enchanted made them very well, but because there is a child involved and it’s not too often I see Create-A-Sim videos that aren’t teens or young adults.

The Sims 4 | Create A Sim: Vampire

By Sparkly

For the second Create A Sim video, we have a vampire inspired sim. This is perfect as Halloween is just at the end of the month now, and Sparkly made this sim so well! She includes a couple of links to the custom content she used, as well as her mod folder – I don’t particularly agree with posting mod folders as I think creators should get their due credit, but the video is great nonetheless.

I would like to note that the intro to this video contains flashing/flickering, so if you are sensitive to flashing lights please skip to 0:35 where it stops and the creation begins.

The Sims 4 | Room Building: Spooky Living Room

By SimtasticBuilder

Next up we have a wonderfully spooky room build, using items from the new Spooky Stuff pack. I love this room so much, it’s rather eerie yet cozy at the same time and again, perfect for Halloween! SimtasticBuilder has done a brilliant job with this room, which you can download from the gallery.

Let’s Play | The Sims 3: Island Paradise

By *StarlightSims*

This video is different to the rest in that it isn’t Autumn or Halloween themed, got to include something for those of you who may not be into Halloween! Island Paradise was one of my favourite Sims 3 expansions and this Let’s Play is very well made and great to watch! It’s a somewhat general play through, so anything can happen.

Let’s Play | The Sims 4 :Seasonal Livin’

By Mathesims

Finally we finish this week with a new Let’s Play by Mathesims, focusing on Autumn. He uses a mod that makes Willow Creek look in season so expect this Let’s Play to be a little different to previous ones! I’m loving this so far and Mathesims is rather entertaining to listen to, give this Let’s Play a shot if you’re looking for something unique.

I hope you enjoyed this week, if you did feel free to comment and let us know what you think or if you’re just as excited for the seasonal changes as I am. As always thank you to everyone who entertains us with your wonderful content, keep simming!

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Hey! My name is Kelly, I'm an 18 year old, long-time simmer from England. Feel free to follow me on Twitter to see posts about my CC and other sims related things!

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