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The Sims Video Spotlight: #4



Welcome back to another week of The Sims Video Spotlight! I’ve picked just a few of my recent favourite finds and I hope you enjoy them too, I’m always looking for new quality videos so feel free to suggest any you’ve been liking too!

The Sims 4: House Building – Creepy Manor

By BSimBuilder

Starting this week we have a house build that in my opinion fits the theme of October perfectly and is simply beautiful. This was created before the release of Spooky Stuff so for those of you who don’t own the pack but still want an eerie manor house I highly suggest you take a look at this! It’s the perfect balance between classic, creepy and elegant.

The Sims 4: Townie Makeover | Spencer Kim Lewis

By Canadian Simmer

Next we have a Create A Sim video, but a little different than the usual. The Townie Makeover tag/challenge that is going around has kept catching my eye and I think this one is brilliant, especially as it’s a whole family rather than one sim. I don’t know about you but I can get lost in watching other people create and change things and see what they come up with, Canadian Simmer did a great job with this family as to me they’re still quite recognizable and that is a great thing!

Let’s Play The Sims 4: Smitten

By Kaleidow

For the first of our Let’s Play’s today we have one I have never seen before, “Smitten”. This, as far as I’m aware, is not a tag or a challenge but something that Kaleidow personally likes to do with her Sims games and has even since The Sims 1.  The idea seems to be that she rebuilds each town and fills it with her own lots and sims in a beautifully whimsical, creative style – even including some of your sims if you choose to send her some! She begins with Jean, a happy-go-lucky redhead sim who’s name was inspired by Jean from X-Men. I love this idea so much, it’s unique and I love the different style of everything as it’s so bright and cheerful!

Let’s Play The Sims 3: Showtime

By RoseSimmer

Here we have yet another brilliantly well made series from the lovely Natalie! If you love The Sims 3 you will certainly love this Let’s Play too as it’s so fun to watch and will definitely make you laugh. It follows three sims who are going to explore the professions from the Showtime expansion: a magician by the name of Iris, an acrobat named Hayden and a singer named Taylor. They all have wonderful unique personalities and I’m looking forward to seeing what they get themselves in to!

Let’s Play The Sims 3: University Life

By Kawaii

Our last video this week is another Sims 3 Let’s Play based around an expansion pack, but this time University Life. Kawaii creates a beautiful sim named Tori who is going to major in Art at university and certainly looks the part in my opinion. As she is a sim with the rebellious trait I’m looking forward to seeing what events may unfold, this should be an interesting one to follow along with!

Thank you for reading guys and I hope you found something to keep you entertained! As I mentioned at the beginning if there are any fairly new and interesting videos you have seen feel free to share and suggest them, it’s great to spread the community’s creativity. Have a great day!

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Hey! My name is Kelly, I'm an 18 year old, long-time simmer from England. Feel free to follow me on Twitter to see posts about my CC and other sims related things!

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