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Get Together FREE Update

Crinrict attended a Get Together event in Germany, and with some info about Get Together that she brought (that you can see here), she also shared some juicy new info about what should we expect in the upcoming Update that should release sometime before Get Together, which is due Dec 8 in US.

There’s a few things coming with the patch itself. This means you won’t need to buy the expansion pack to get these, just update your game.

  • 64 Bit

  • Automatic disabling of mods on patching

  • Lot Type: Pool

  • 2 of 6 pool colors (not 100% sure)

  • GUI and map changes

  • The existing groups and their behavior was revamped and improved

  • New interaction on the fridge and bar: Hire Caterer

  • Some new greetings

  • Several bug fixes (details unknown)

    Map view

    • Buttons that were in the pop-up menu at the same spot have been moved to the lower right
    • Household manager has a new icon
    • Household manager icon can also be found next to the family in the lower left corner
    • I think change lot type was removed from map view

    Live Mode

    • Conversation window at the top has been revamp
    • Screenshot manager, settings for video and photo can now be found next to the speed buttons
    • Easy switch from Sims 3 to Sims 4 camera mode and back in the upper right corner added
    • Button for clubs added to the lower right corner

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