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Q: What is the Sims Community Request Hub?
The request hub is where a member, such as yourself can come and request that Mod or Custom Content item you have always been looking for.

Q: Do you only share requests on Sims Community?
We have teamed up with TS4Requests on Tumblr to help you get that CC/Mod you want in no time! Every time a request is posted, the folks over at TS4Requests will post it too! This way creators on Tumblr and SC will be able to fulfill your requests!

Q: What am I allowed to request?
You may request any form of CC or Mod for The Sims 4. As long as it is does not break the Sims Community Rules and Guidelines. If you are not sure if your request is suited for SC feel free to PM me. If you have a request and know it is not suited for SC you may submit your request to TS4Requests Tumblrdirectly.

Q: What is the difference between a Mod and CC?
 Custom Content is a item that does not effect game play. This can be a recolor/new object/new clothing/conversion/trait/pose/etc. A Mod is something that does effect game play, such as No Mosaic/Zerbu Turbo Careers/etc.​

Q: How will I know my request is completed?
 When a creator completes your request, they will post it here on Sims Community. The thread with your request will be your link to the creator. This way they can ask questions about your request, and post the final projduct/download when it is finished.

Q: What if someone on Tumblr finished my request, but I don’t use Tumblr?
 This is not a problem! We will be keeping an eye on the TS4Requests blog. When a request is completed on Tumblr we will post all the information you may need as well as a link to the download.

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