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The Sims 4: Risky Woohoo Mod

01 23 16 1 43 36 PM

Hey guys!

Awhile ago, I made myself a 2% risky woohoo mod.  I was recently asked if I would release it.  I have decided to do that but also added additional percentages.  In the zip file you will find 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20 percent woohoo packages.  Only use one at a time in your mods folder.  This mod will conflict with any mod that alters woohoo.  Also, this is a roll of the dice kind of mod.   That means that even with the 20 percent that it may take awhile for your Sims to get pregnant.


CLICK HERE to download the mod!

01-23-16_1-43-36 PM

Mod Description:  Brings an element of risk to all woohoo.  Locations included are:  bed, rocket ship, observatory, hot tub, sauna, tent, bush, and closet.

Conflicts:  Will conflict with any mod that alters woohoo.

Thank you Jovjovan, directionermimux, and xPastella for helping me test it.

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I’m Tatiana AKA HarmonySims/Simlish and Dreams on Tumblr. I’ve always been interested in graphic design, photography, and computers. I played Sims Freeplay for years before discovering Sims 3. An obsession was born when I pushed myself to become a better builder and learned how to make CC and mods for Sims 4.

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