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The Sims 4 Mod: No alien, ghost, bear, or knight night at the bar


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Hey guys!

The shine has worn off the theme nights for me and I really don’t like that we were not given the option to turn them off.  I also hate that if we visit the bar during any of these nights, the game spawns tons of new Sims every single time for the bar.

So.  I made myself a mod to release the bar from these silly theme nights (Monday through Thursday) and left Friday, Saturday, Sunday as they were.

Click Here to download this Mod!

Mod Description:  Removes the alien, ghost, bear, knight bar theme nights and replaces them with happy hours.  I changed the spawning Sims into party goers who should be in their party wear (low priority so they may not change).  Your Sims should also not get any invites to those theme nights since I altered those files as well and the nights no longer exist.

Conflicts:   I’ve tested this mod both without any mods/CC installed and with all my mods/CC installed and there wasn’t any problems or LastException file generated.  So, no conflicts.  It may conflict with any mods that changes bars or the theme nights.

Instructions:  Unzip and pop the package into your mods folder.  Enjoy having your Sims get their weekday happy hours back!

Special thanks to @directionermimux for helping me test this mod.

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I’m Tatiana AKA HarmonySims/Simlish and Dreams on Tumblr. I’ve always been interested in graphic design, photography, and computers. I played Sims Freeplay for years before discovering Sims 3. An obsession was born when I pushed myself to become a better builder and learned how to make CC and mods for Sims 4.

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