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The Sims 4 June 2016 Update: Minor Additions


Beside the two HUGE additions that came with the latest The Sims 4 Update (Gender Customization and Improved Indoor Lighting), The Sims Team made some improvements and small additions to the game as well.

Drink Water from Sink

Your Sims can now Drink Water from the Sink! Simply click on the Sink and select ‘Get Water’. There aren’t any new buffs of special features with this, but new interactions are always welcome!


Ponder Glass Fullness / Emptiness


Attach Table to Chair

Previously, you were only able to attach a Chair to the Table. Now you can move the Table and attach it to the Chair as well! The Update also added a new light-green interface when a Table is selected – highlighting all the content that’s attached to the Table.

New Food Thumbnails

Food Thumbnails have been improved and now show food in better light! These thumbnails will appear whenever you select the ”Cook” interaction, or when you have food stored in your inventory.


Ask to Just Be Friends Interaction

A Sim who is romantically involved with another Sim can ask his/her romantic interest if they can just be friends. This will remove any progress made in the Romantic Relationship Bar.



Age Tags

During a conversation, the age information will show up when you hover over the Sim Thumbnail. These Age Tags have also been added to The Gallery.


Resize Paint from Reference Paintings

Previously, you weren’t able to resize Paint from Reference Paintings using the Shift + ] tool in Build Mode. Now, the resize feature is finally unlocked for Paint from Reference Paintings!

Plumbosion Poster

A new Poster has been added to the game!


New Color Swatches

The Carpet and the Heartwood Plank Flooring got updated with new Color Swatches! I’ll be updating this section if I come across any new objects with new color swatches.

Window, Arch and Door Black Swatches

Most of the modern Windows, Arches and Doors received a Black Swatch upgrade!


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