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The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff: Gameplay & Features


Bird Feeder

You attract the birds to the bird feeder by adding bird seed for 5 Simoleons, but be cautious: in 1 out of 7 there’s a chance that the birds will attack your sim.

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After the birds have been fed, they’ll come and go eventually. There are 3 types of birds that you’ll see on the bird feeder: blue bird, cardinal and the finch.

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Summer Drink Tray

The Summer Drink Tray adds 3 new drinks to the mix:

  • Lemonade (§56)
  • Citrus Swig (§95)
  • Iced Tea (§144)

All of these drinks are exclusive to this tray and cannot be mixed at the bar. However, you can drag and move around the drinks from the tray and place them wherever you want on the lot.

07-17-16_4-07-41 PM

Water Slides

This pack comes with 2 new water slides: the regular one and the one shaped like a shark.

Sims can do regular slides or perform tricks on them!

Sims who haven’t leveled enough in the athletic skill have a higher chance of failing in their trick slides.

07-17-16_4-17-30 PM

What’s interesting about these slides is that an infinite amount of sims can join the waiting line and slide down.

TIP: Sims who are angry have a higher chance of failing in their slides.

07-19-16_10-03-03 AM

Sims who observe your Sim having fun will react differently – they’ll cheer if they succeed in their trick slide or have a shocked face when they flop on their belly.

07-17-16_4-15-07 PM

You can also add soap to the slide. Sims who slide down the bubbly slide will have bubbles all over them for 2 hours.

07-17-16_4-23-41 PM

There’s a wide range of moodlets that this object brings:

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